About me

Hi, my name is Clems, a Health & Fitness Coach, and a blogger. Thank you for visiting my page.

By writing this website, I hope to achieve one thing.

I want to help you stay healthy, radiant and vibrant as long as you continue to breathe, through the most Natural way possible.


I believe you are already aware that, to function at your optimum level, you need vitamins and minerals in the right proportion, and these vitamins and minerals ordinarily should come from the food we consume, but unfortunately, modern diets have been stripped off of these vital cellular needs  through various stages of food processing and preservation leaving our generation with no option than to supplement.


Our responsibility here at Greenworldfriends.com is to guide you towards taking the best there is of these available nutrients and also to help you maintain a youthful appearance through taking the proper diet,vitamins as well as helping you manage your weight by bringing to you the most effective products available in our markets.



Since first starting out on vitamins in October, 2005, I have come to really appreciate the role of supplementation in our diet having experienced firsthand the transformation of someone who was constantly looking sick and tired but after taking moringa drink and pine pollen tea, he became as strong as a fiddle (this is no magic, trust me).


Also, during the past years, I have gain weight, lose it and gain it back again (I have a thing with any meal that smells nice regardless of its impact on my weight, I know it’s a problem and I am seriously working on it) and also, my wife has gone through from wearing a plus size pants down to a size I consider proper (I like my wife retaining some flesh on her; plump).

We understand the challenges you face in your quest to get the best in vitamins, minerals and supplement and that is why we are here to help you on your way to being the person you want to be as far as vitamins, anti-aging, weight management, fitness and general health is concern.


We at Greenworldfriends.com brought to you a selection from the best of healthy Vitamins and supplements while also taking you through steps that will help you live a healthy, radiant and vibrant life.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, on behalf of other members of the crew, I say remain blessed!

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