Antarctic Krill Oil Reviews – How Effective Is It.


Krill oil is reported to contain a higher ratio of Omega 3s than fish oil and so lots of people are crossing over from fish oil to krill oil with the hope of experiencing a better result. There is still ongoing scientific research on the outrageous claims of potency and efficacies made by many producers of krill oil, however, the Preliminary report shows that indeed, krill oil has some fantastic helpful health benefits to the body.

In our today, we are looking at Sports Research Antarctic krill oil to see how it can be beneficial to the body system of the user.

Product Overview.

Product name: Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil.Antarctic krill oil reviews

Producer/Owner: Sports Research.

Cheapest Price:$29.95.

Best Place To Buy:Amazon.com

Overall Rating: 4/5



Sports Research pure Antarctic krill oil is one of the most talked about krill oil supplements on the market today. It has been reported that Sports Research, the manufacturers of this product has been in existence since the 70s  but started marketing health products commercially in the 80s.

Sports Research Antarctic krill oil claim to contain the highest naturally occurring EPA, DHA, Phospholipids and Astaxanthin more than any other krill oil on the market, and its benefit cut across different segment of health, from reducing inflammation, reducing the cholesterol level of the body to improving cognitive memory, etc.


Product details.

  • The new and Advanced Antarctic krill oil contains 1000 mg of krill oil per Gelcap and is higher in EPA, DHA, Phospholipids, and Astaxanthin more than any other brand of Krill oil on the market.(There is not prove to this claim yet).
  • The NEW Advance formula is made with Superba2 Krill Oil, a new advance formula clinically proven to increase omega-3 fatty acid levels in the body, with 1mg of Astaxanthin per capsule!
  • No fishy smell and aftertaste and contains an advanced formula that makes absorption easy.
  • Formulated in the USA and contains all naturally and sustainably harvested from the sea and is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and IKOS 5 star certified Krill Oil.
  • Manufactured in the USA and offers 90 days money back guarantee if after purchased you no longer find the product good enough.


 Superba2 Krill Oil, gel cap (Kosher Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water)

Pros and Cons Of Antarctic Krill Oil.

well, as the saying goes, tell me the good as well as the bad sides of it and let me make my choice based on my judgment, here are the good and the bad sides of Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil as we found during our the course of our extensive research. I call it the Pros and the  Cons.



  • Manufactured in the USA and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and IKOS 5 star certified Krill Oil.
  • Just one gel cap per day – This is one of the many things I love about this product as a single gel cap gives you 1000mg of EPA, DHA, Phospholipids, and astaxanthin, 500mg more than others on the market. This way you won’t have to be forcing multiple large pills down your esophagus every day in the name of adding up some omega 3fatty acids in your system.
  • contains Superba 2, a formula clinically proven to raise the level of omega 3 fatty acids in the body, this is actually amazing as lots of other products give little omega 3 as they contain lots of fillers and coating making the products of little help to the users.
  • No krill smell and aftertaste unlike many other brands on the market.
  • Gives a 90 days money back guarantee – Now that’s a bit of confidence and that shows the manufacturers are sure of their product, besides, I am a huge fan of refund policies.


  • Gel caps unusually large – In a bid to make the required daily dose in a single gel cap, it makes the gel cap a bit bigger than necessary and hard to swallow for some people.
  • This product is said to be burp-less but surprisingly, there are few reported cases of Burp.

Allergy Concern.

This product might not be an ideal product for some one that has a serious allergy concern as it contains shellfish. I am always careful with taking some brands of Omega 3 as a wrong product can really mess things up for me allergy-wise, so you might want to watch out for this.


Does Antarctic Krill Oil Supplement Work?

The producers of this product have made lots of claims and I guess everyone would want to find out if the claims of efficacy made the manufacturers hold any water before arriving at a buying decision.

To fair with Sports Research, the manufacturer and distributor of Antarctic krill oil, about 79% of people have reported that they have had some serious improvement in their general health after taking this product while some remain indifferent and a few others out rightly dismissed every efficacy claims made about this product.


For those that claim the product didn’t do much for them, well it is understood, as our bodies have different ways of responding to supplements as so it is expected we have a different result.


Do I Recommend Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil Supplement?

In my opinion, this is one of the few krill oil brands I would go for any time any day as it contains all that makes a great krill oil and ultimately Omega 3, much more than lots of other popular brands out there, and so it won’t be too much of a Sacrifice if you pull out few dollars to have this product. So, if you are looking for a nice pure krill oil, give Sports Research krill oil a go.

How Much Is Sports Research Krill Over?

Krill oil generally is considered much pricey than fish oil probably because of the expensive mode of preserving the krill( Usually frozen) and so it is not unusual to see a 60 count bottle going for $35-50, but Sports Research Antarctic Krill oil goes for what I call a bargain price at $29.95.

I am aware it might still be way pricey for some people but then again, $29.95 is not too much price to pay for a good product.

What’s The Best Place To Buy?

You can get this product directly at the sports research official website/shopping portal but then, I am a huge fan of Amazon.com and in Love with their return policy so I will recommend you it out at amazon.com


                             Buy Your Antarctic Krill Oil Here@ Amazon.com



Alternative Product?

I recently researched about another amazing Krill Over from Viva Naturals so you might want to check them out to see if it would suit your need exactly.

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