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A prostate disorder is one of the major health complaints of men all over the world today especially men in their fifties and above. Statistics show that 8 in every 10 men above fifty years have or might develop an enlarged prostate at some point in time.


Combing the internet to see if you could get a befitting natural product to help tackle prostate crises is no doubt a Herculean task as there are dozens of products out there from different health organizations all promising to have the ultimate solution to all prostate related issues. It seems everybody wants to have a piece of the cake in making money through offering prostate medication.

In this review of Ben’s Total Health For Prostate, you will find out if the product holds the magical power to heal you of your-your prostate troubles.


Product Overview.

Product name: Total Health For Prostate.Total health For Prostate review

Producer: Dr. Ben

Price: $269.85 for 90 days treatment(3x),$109.85 for a single bottle.

Cheapest Place to buy: Amazo.com




Ben’s total health for prostate is described by many as a game changer when it comes to rejuvenating prostate health.

Ben Ong, described himself as a “Natural Health expert and supplement formulator” who is reputed for the creation of many other natural health remedy supplements with no known side effect among which is this product, ‘Total health for prostate’ to help alleviate the fatal plea prostate patients pass through.

There have been lots of reactions from different users since this product first hit the shelves with many attributing their healing to this product while others reportedly did not see any improvement after taking the product.

Well, if you are looking at improving your prostate health then you might as well consider looking at Bens total health for the prostate.


How Does Bens Total Health For Prostate Health Works?

Bens total health for prostate has lots of attributes and benefits that will no doubt bring relief to your prostate health.

  • Immune Booster: This product when taken will, first of all, boost your body’s immune system thus help fight the infection causing pathogens in the prostate, help the body resist such attack and help release more energy.
  • Help to maintain the Prostate, Kidney, and bladder health.
  • Helps promote Prostate and Urological recovery and alleviate all the symptoms of the urinary problem.
  • Improves Urination.
  • Alleviates the challenges of frequent visits to the bathroom at night and also help reduce the urgency to urinate.
  • With a complete suite of 23 potent ingredients in clinically significant dosage, total health for prostate will help eliminate all known prostate diseases, alleviate their symptoms and give life back to your aging and weaken prostate.


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, so what makes Ben’s total health for prostate so effective? Let’s look at some of the contents of this product.

Ben’s total health for prostate contains about 23 potent ingredients, all clinically tested and were selected after carefully studying their effectiveness over 15 years, according to Ben Ong. All the ingredients are designed to work synergistically and are sure going to restore as well as promote the overall prostate health, improve libido, release more energy, and improve healthy hair growth. Surely, the combination of these ingredients will give a new lease of life as far as prostate health is a concern.

  • Beta-Sitosterol (90% Total Sterols) 750mg: This is a substance that is mainly found in plant and is it has been used effectively in the treatment of BPH( Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), it also helps in enhancing sexual activities. Beta-Sitosterol is rumored to be effective in treating colon cancer, cervical cancer, tuberculosis, asthma, hair loss, bronchitis, migraines and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome although there is not enough evidence yet to substantiate this claim, research is ongoing.  FDA also concluded that Beta-Sitosterol may help reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease(CHD) through lowering of blood cholesterol level.



  • Turmeric (Root) 4:1 62.5mg: In India, Turmeric is considered an important ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine because of its potency. Turmeric has been used for long in treating light wounds, to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and also to prevent infections. Turmeric also contains compounds known to have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial properties.




  • Vitamin C 60mg: Vitamin C is important for the growth as well as repair of tissues in all parts of your body.

Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant know to eliminate the damage caused by free radicals in the body. It also serves as a natural body defense against the attack of free radicals including disease-causing pathogens.



  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 5000 IU: Lack of vitamin D is linked to the cause of many types of cancers including colon and prostate cancers.Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to various types of cancer including breast, colon and Prostate cancer.  Currently, there is a global body of scientists creating awareness about the dangers of low vitamin D in the body.

Total health for prostate understands the important role of adequate vitamin D in the body and the danger of lack of. There are lots of clinical studies proving the importance of Vitamin D in prostate function. Total Health Contains 5000IU of Vitamin D3


  • Vitamin E-mixed Tocopherols 400IU:  There is sufficient evidence that Vitamin E when taken as part of a well formulated and balanced supplement, is essential for a healthy life and healthy prostate.


  • Calcium (like Calcium Carbonate Rice) 50mg:  Modern research suggests that taking diet high in calcium or supplements may reduce the risk of colon cancer. However, lots of foods that contain high calcium also contains other things that might impact negatively on the health


Boron (as Boric Acid Citrate) 150mcg:  This is an important trace element in our diet and it plays an important role in calcium metabolism in our system. Baron is required to maintain joints and bone.

Recent research suggests that taking a regular diet rich in boron reduces the chance of getting prostate cancer hence the campaign to include boron in the diet of elderly men.



  • Zinc (as Zinc Oxide Rice Chelate)  15mg:  Zinc is an important trace element that helps in maintaining prostate health. Adequate Zinc intake can give you a good prostate health. Total health for prostate contains Chelate Zin in proper proportion.


  • Copper (like Copper Carbonate Rice Chelate) 2mg:   There are some many benefits of Copper to the prostate one which is that it helps in preventing Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and prostatitis. Total health for prostate gives you the right combination of Zinc and copper to guarantee a safe and sound prostate.


  • Selenium (as Sodium Selenite Rice/Soya Chelate) 70mcg:  There is sufficient evidence that a diet rich in selenium helps protects against certain carcinogens which are cancer-causing agents.


  • Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide Rice Chelate)   70mg  Magnesium is helpful in maintaining normal bone, nerve, and muscle function. It also helps to increase natural testosterone as well as support healthy immune system


  • Chromium (as Chromium chloride picolinate) 13mcg:    Chrome is one of the trace elements found in small quantity but whose work is important. It is useful in the metabolism of glucose in the body. It is also linked to prostate health as low Chromium is associated with higher risk of prostate disease.   


  • Iodine (as Potassium Iodide Rice Chelate) 150mcg: Iodine is a vitally important for its growth and development. It also crucial for healthy thyroid function as well as helps in metabolism.

Having Iodine deficiency has recently been linked to numerous disease including cancers. It has anti-carcinogenic properties and its effects on the health of the Prostate organ.


  • Molybdenum (as Sodium Molybdenum Rice Chelate) 75mcg:   Molybdenum helps in breaking down proteins and other substances in the body. Low molybdenum in the diet has been attributed to an increased case of cancers including cancer of the Stomach and esophagus.


  • Manganese (as Manganese Carbonate Rice Chelate) 2mg:  Manganese helps in the production of sperm and sex hormones, improve sexual desire, improve emotional stability and is also known to aid healthy digestion and expels toxins from the body. Also very effective in brain development.


  • Vanadium (as Sodium Metavanadate Rice Chelate)  1mg:   Vanadium is a micro-mineral and our body need just a little of it, however, it plays an important part and its vital for the health of  It also may be useful in maintaining cardiovascular health as it is seen to be effective in inhibiting cholesterol formation in the vessels.

A study which was published in clinical cancer, published in may 2000, shows that drugs containing an adequate amount of were very effective in the treatment of various kinds of cancers including prostate cancer. Total health for prostate contains Vanadium in the right amount.


  • Silicon (as Silicon Dioxide Rice Chelate) 10mg:     Silicon is good for bones development.  Supplementation is good as it has been found to help curb hair loss, osteoporosis, and heart disease.


  • Japanese Sophora (Flower Buds) Quercetin 95% 200mg:  Studies shows that Quercetin which is a flavonol and is derived from plants may contain some anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for men with a prostate challenge. Total Health’s Quercetin comes from the flower bud of Japanese Sophora. This product has been shown to reduce pains and swelling related to the prostate.


Pomegranate (Hull)-Ellagic Acid 40% 200mg:  A good but new supplement that has recently shown good anticancer activity based on several studies conducted.


  • Tin (as Stannous Chloride Rice Chelate)   100mcg: a Recent study of 285 individuals supplementing Tin nothing great improvement in their overall health including reduced fatigue, increased energy supply and mood.


  • Nickel (as Nickel Sulfate Rice Chelate) 100mcg:    Helps the body to absorb Iron. Supplementation is needed to help prevent Nickel deficiency and the attendant subsequent.


  •  Strontium (as Strontium Chloride Rice Chelate) 100mcg: Strontium is important in bone formation and prevents bone loss.


Cobalt (as Cobalt Carbonate Rice Chelate) 10mcg: Cobalt helps massively in the formation hemoglobin. It also helps in regulating as well as stimulating the production of co-enzymes.

Total health for prostate also contains others ingredients and they are listed below.

  Beta-Cyclodextrin, Acacia gum, rice protein, silicon dioxide, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, L-Aspartic acid, Capsule (Hypromellose, purified water)
Contain: Soya


What are the Pros and Cons Of Total Health For Prostate?

As good as this product might seem, there are certain things you may not find ok with. let’s look at the good as well as the not too good sides of total health for the prostate.


  • Bens Total health for prostate contains all natural ingredients.
  • The outcome of the product is a result of over 15 years of research.
  • It seems to be one of the best product on prostate as evident from the glowing reviews.
  • There is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result.



  • At $109.85, this product may be too expensive for lots of people putting in mind that there are lots of similar products on prostate health, like saw palmetto offering much lower prices.
  • Some of the active ingredients might go well with some peoples body system.
  • Ben Ong has another product on prostate called prostate healer if this product is that good as claimed by him why produce another product on the same subject? Well, it’s just my thought.

What Are Others Saying About This Product?

There is a kind of mix reaction from users of this product. Overall, 80% of users reported great improvement after 90 days and are reportedly going to buy more. However, lots of other people have reportedly not seen any kind of improvement on there prostate health after taking the product.

Overall, the majority of people I spoke with had more positive things to say about the product than the negative ones.

Total health for prostate review


How Much Is Total Health For Prostate? $109.85 Or $269.85 For 3 bottles.

There is no doubt that total health for prostate is an expensive item but so is your health and so anything that will improve the quality of your health shouldn’t be measured by the value of dollars.

That being said, to get a bottle of Bens total health for prostate one would have to cough out $109.85 and $269.85 for the full dosage as prescribed by Ben Ong.

    Buy Ben Total Health For Prostate Now!


Any Alternative To This Product?

If you are running on a tight budget it could be difficult to bring out such huge amount to buy this product, that does not in anyway suggest that your health is less important. You might want to look at this product, saw palmetto which goes for a much more amount but has lots of people testifying of its efficacy. Again, you want to look at my Prostate health supplements review to see if one might interest you, they are top notch products for prostate health



With over 15 years of research and development, Bens Ong’s total health for prostate is surely a product to give a serious of consideration when looking at building a wall of defense around your prostate.

Bens Total Health For Prostate

$269.85 for 90 days treatment(3x),$109.85







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