Benefits Of Lemon Water In The Morning

If you ever sold lemonade at a school fair or a community market, then you’ve done the world a favour – one that is better than any of those donations for saving lives.

While I am not against the ‘save lives’ fund raisers, I think of lemon water as a life saver of its own kind. You may not realize it till you start drinking some of it yourself. The benefits are more than just a zingy taste to the mouth and a dosage of Vitamin C. Lemons are packed with nutrients and they can help you in many ways.

From detoxifying to destressing – lemon has an answer to many of your problems. The best part is that it comes cheap and is available easily.

While Lemon Water can be enjoyed any time of the day, it is found to have special effects on our body syetm when taken in the morning.




1. Boosts your Immune System

Vitamin C helps in strengthening your body’s immune system. It is an essential nutrients when it comes to combating immune system deficiencies. Your body cannot make Vitamin C on its own. This means it has to rely on the food you consume for its daily dosage. Lemon water provides Vitamin C to your body which helps your immune system by keeping flu away. Start your day with a glass of lemon water and the benefits of lemon water in the morning will show in you throughout the day.


2. Flushes Out Toxins and Aids Digestion

Warm lemon water is a superb morning drink because of the way in which it aids your body to flush out the toxins. It helps the digestive system and keeps problems like constipation and diarrhea at bay by ensuring smooth bowel functions.
Lemon water accomplishes this by tricking the liver into producing bile which makes sure that food moves through the gastrointestinal tract smoothly. If your stomach is upset or you are suffering from indigestion then you may find reprieve in lemon water. It also helps the body absorb the nutrients properly and it also stimulates your liver which in turn flushes out the toxins. You may end up using the bathroom more often, but that is because your body is getting rid of all the toxins. Detoxification is one of the best benefits of lemon water in the morning.

3. Rich Source of Potassium

The potassium content in lemons helps nourish the brain and nerve cells of your body. It also improves your heart health.

4. Freshens Your Breath

You will notice that your breath smells better if you start your morning with a glass of lemon water. It is also known to help in relieving toothache and gingivitis. However, lemon water has citric acid which can erode your tooth enamel so it is advised that you drink it before brushing your teeth or else you must wait for some time after you brush your teeth. This will ensure that the benefits of lemon water in the morning do not have any side effects on you.


5. Makes Your Skin Glow

A favorite among women, this is one reason that many women around the world find motivation to drink lemon water. The antioxidants found in lemon juice helps you decrease blemishes and also reduces wrinkles. Along with the fact that it helps you detoxify, lemon water can be your best friend when it comes to blemish free skin. While I am talking about drinking it, I would also want to point out that lemon juice can be applied topically on scars and age spots to reduce them too. Just make sure that you do not step into the sun right after you apply lemon juice to your skin because it increases photosensitivity.


6. Helps in Weight Loss





Lemons are a rich source of pectin fiber which is known to combat hunger cravings. This helps in reducing weight by avoiding binging on food.


7. Reduces Inflammation

Lemons helps in keeping your body’s pH levels balanced. This means that it reduces the acidity in your body. Many diseases are caused because of a misbalanced acidity level. Lemon water helps you avoid such problems. It also helps in removing uric acid which is in your joints. The uric acid found in joints is a primary cause of inflammation which leads to pains.

8. Acts As An Energy Booster

Lemon juice is a good source of energy for your body. Replace your morning cup of coffee with a glass of lemon water. When the negative-charged ions found in lemon will reach your digestive system, it will increase your energy levels naturally and keep you rejuvenated the whole day. If busy schedules and hectic work life has been weighing you down, lemon water may be able to help you stay fresh and energized at work.

If you replace coffee with lemon water then you will not have to deal with caffeine related problems either and you will save yourself from those nasty afternoon crashes too.

9. Fights Viral Infections

Viral infections can be dealt with more effectively with some warm lemon water. It also helps in handling the sore throat which is often followed by viral infections. In addition to this it also helps in boosting your immune system which means that you will be able to combat the infection in a better way.

10. Replenishes Body Salts

Workout sessions often drain our bodies important salts. Lemon water helps us replenish those salts in our body so that we feel hydrated and rejuvenated. A strenuous workout session needs nothing better than a good glass of lemon water.

With so many benefits to consider, lemon water is hardly a thing that can be omitted from your lifestyle. Give yourself a healthier body by sipping some lemon water every day. The best time to drink lemon water is in the morning, but you can drink it at any other time of the day as well.

A glassful of lemon water gives you the nutrients that you need for the day. Now you know how selling lemon water helped you bring good health and a fit lifestyle to your society.


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