Does High Blood Pressure Make You Tired


High blood pressure is one of the several causes of fatigue and tiredness.  Be that as it may, it does not cause these problems directly; it does so indirectly. How does it cause fatigue directly? Fatigue is the side effect of the drugs used in treating high blood pressure.

In most instances, high blood pressure damages organs and arteries of individuals suffering from hypertension. In fact, the sufferers do not have any symptom until these organs and arteries are affected extensively.  Before these symptoms begin to show, the affected individual may come up with a couple of side effects, but these are usually minor.

At times, affected individuals come up with certain symptoms, like nose bleeding and dizziness.  Be that as it may, the majority of patients never have any side effect until the issue goes overboard.

But does high blood pressure make you tired, weak and sick?

Does High Blood Pressure Make You Tired

Elevation in blood pressure results in fatigue when the high blood pressure had been in existence for a very long time. The condition can lead to the damage of several organs, like the kidney, heart, and brain.

Damage to these organs can lead to fatigue since the body is prompted to react to any condition that assaults these vital organs.  However, the reaction against organ damage is responsible for only a small part of the fatigue.  One of the major problems of high blood pressure is that the treatment required for managing the associated fatigue and tiredness can culminate in worse side effects than the high blood pressure treatment.

The medications used in treating high blood pressure work by reducing the blood pressure. Reduction in blood pressure leads to a reduction in the quantity of blood flowing through your blood vessels. This will also culminate in a reduction in the quantity of oxygen supplied to the organs in the body.  Oxygen supplies energy and reduction in oxygen supply leads to fatigue and tiredness. However, the body adjusts with time and overcomes the fatigue with time.

High blood pressure can have four different effects on the body, and they are highlighted below:

  • Eye damage: High blood pressure can lead to bleeding from the capillaries in the retina of the eyes; this is the case if you also have diabetes. This condition is referred to as retinopathy and if can culminate to blindness.


  • Kidney damage: Reduction in blood pressure by drugs used in treating high blood pressure can reduce a quantity of blood flowing to your kidney. This can lead to kidney damage, a condition that can get worse if not managed on time.


  • Enlarged heart: The quantity of blood retained and flowing through your heart will increase when you have high blood pressure. This is because the heart gets exercised with an increased flow of blood, which will lead to an enlargement of the muscles of the heart. The human heart demands more oxygen as it gets bigger. However, it will not be able to maintain a consistent flow of blood due to this increase in size.  Consequently, the affected individual feels tired and weak, especially after physical activities.  Heart failure may be the outcome if the condition is not managed on time.


  • Hardening of the blood vessels: Increase in pressure in the blood vessels cause the muscles of the vessel to thicken. This will lead to a narrowing of these vessels. If it is not managed on time, it can lead to stroke and heart attack.  Since engorgement of blood in the vessels for too long can lead to the formation of blood clot in the vessel.

 what are the ways to reduce high blood pressure And Fatigue?

So, what are the way to reduce high blood pressure and fatigue or is there any treatment for that?

Treatment of the fatigue and underlying cause of the high blood pressure is the principal strategy employed.  Treatment of high blood pressure can impact the energy level of the patient.

Check below for some of the strategies employed in reducing this condition.

  • Lower your alcohol intake and also reduce smoking: Your respiratory system can get damaged by excessive smoking. Smoking can also negatively impact your circulatory system.  Summarily, cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption can be helpful in managing high blood pressure.


  • Time to lose weight: Weight gain can also complicate high blood pressure. The accumulated body weight will place pressure on your body, and more demand on your arteries and heart. This will invariably contribute to high blood pressure.  Many obese people have a problem with breathing and mobility.  The added weight will further complicate issues for them.

Does High Blood Pressure Make You Tired


  • Exercising: You can further improve your rate of respiration and heart rate. Those having high blood pressure should, therefore, get regular exercises.


  • Diet change: You can manage and prevent high blood pressure by drinking more water and reducing your salt intake. Also, a diet rich in minerals and vitamins can help in managing high blood pressure. Also, you should increase the potassium content of the food you eat. Potassium is nutrients for fighting hypertension.


  • Stress management: One of the best ways to manage high blood pressure is to reduce stress. You should learn how to manage stress you can better handle your stress level via good diet and frequent exercise. Additionally, you can consult your doctor for medication. Several relaxation techniques can also help in reducing your stress level.


  • Always carry your doctor along also. You should never attempt to manage high blood pressure by yourself without consulting your doctor. Doctors are trained professional and can help to put your high blood pressure under control.


  • Never forget to take all the prescriptions you receive from your doctor according to the specific instructions; this is in your best interest.


Many people in the world are suffering from high blood pressure; yes, it is a global issue.  If you get diagnosed with this problem, never fail to get treatment on time.

You can adopt any of the home remedies described above; they can all help you to overcome this problem. Many of the items you need to prepare the materials described above are already available in your garden or refrigerator.

Be that as it may, you must never forget to carry your doctor along. While the natural methods described above can be helpful, they must not be applied without your doctor’s say so.

Why is this important?  You may have certain genes in you that may make you develop an allergy to any of the items used in preparing these products. Your doctor can identify these genes on time and ensure you do not take the products.




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