Does zinc Increase Testosterone

Zinc is an important mineral associated with the regulation of lots of enzymes in the body; more than one hundred enzymes are regulated by zinc in the body.

It helps by boosting the immune system and acts as an antioxidant. The use of Zinc supplements is recommended in many cases to reduce frequent sickness and boost the levels of testosterone in the body.


 How Important Is Zinc

Zinc is among the twenty four micro nutrients required by the body. It is found in meats, eggs and nuts. It is also found in sea foods and it is a very important mineral to the body.

When zinc is taken in high quantities it can act as a support so cell system boost testosterone production and lessen its conversion to estrogen levels, because testosterone is converted prematurely into estrogen. Cells that increased testosterone levels become more active and it reduces the actions of cells that convert it into estrogen. In high doses, it also contributes in the repair of intestinal mucosa.


Vital Functions Of Zinc

Zinc is used as a drug to stimulate sexual desires. It is also taken to boost low testosterone levels if low level of zinc is observed in a person with low levels of testosterone. It is a vital contributor in many vital processes in the body – it helps to regulate the operations of enzymes and hormones.

It also boost the immune system, it has strong anti-oxidant properties and can help in prostrate-related issues.

This important mineral can be lost by sweating so it is important to take zinc supplements to replace depleted units.

How Zinc Stimulates Increase Of Testosterone

As mentioned above, zinc is important to the body because it is actively involved in a lot of regulatory processes. Without the right amount, the immune system is vulnerable and cells won’t function properly either. It is so important that it supports the breakdown of food and nutrients. It is required by the body in the building up of proteins and also in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

It is presently in some foods but can be taken as a supplement in form of a pill.


When one is deficient in Zinc, it could cause low testosterone levels in its aftermath.

According to a research carried out on a group of young men over the course of 31days. The young men were grouped into different groups, in one group were men who were given 10mg of zinc daily for one month while the other was given just 2mb for the same duration, it was discovered after the test period that the men that took higher concentrations of the zinc supplement had increased semen levels and testosterone compared with the other group that took lesser amounts.


It backed up previous suggestions about the role of zinc in increasing testosterone. In fact more research was carried out around the same subject and it was observed, men take applied 30mg of zinc daily for one month showed increased levels of testosterone in their serum compared with their previous levels before taking the supplements continuously for one month.


While using a supplement may not be mandatory, it is important to maintain a healthy body and do what is necessary.



More On Use Of Zinc

Zinc is also helpful in supporting cell repair. Physical activities can cause our muscles to be in a tense state. When our muscles take too much of these stress and suffers from the stress, they tend to also affect the cells inducing cell damage. Cells can undergo repair rapidly wen zinc is present in the right amount in the body. Not to forget, it supports protein buildup and provides support mechanism for cells hence its importance for these functions.

Men that have taken zinc supplements consistently have reported improved libido and sexual appetite.

Zinc And Infertility

There are lots of unproven notions about the role of zinc in treating infertility in men. These notions suggest that using a high quantity beyond the recommended daily allowance boosts production of sperm by over 70% in infertile men, while this may sound too good to be true, it remains subject to individual choice to undergo such a task because it’s not proven as a general occurrence and too much of zinc in the body is harmful.


Some Facts About Zinc And How It Is Depleted From The Body

Some food and activities can reduce the absorption of this mineral. It is important to limit the consumption of this kind of food if one wants to have a healthy zinc and testosterone level. Limiting activities that reduce zinc may also be important but in cases where limitation can’t be applied, it is important to take notice so one can increase the intake of zinc during these periods.


– During sex, one loses about 4-5milligrams of sex even if it’s through masturbating.

– Aging also reduces zinc in the body. As one ages, the movement of zinc to places it is required reduces.

– Coffee intake disrupts the absorption of zinc and increases the rate it is depleted from the body.



Zinc Deficiency And How To Go About It

One common reason the body can become zinc-deficient is because the body doesn’t store it. Though it is needed for day-to-day activities it is not stored.

It is recommended that men from 20years and beyond take a minimum of 11mg of zinc daily. It can be in the form of supplement or from food.

Natural Sources Of Zinc

If you wish to boost the amount of zinc through food, you may want to boost your diet with more beef, crabs, oysters, fortified cereals and breads, beans, yoghurt, nuts and pork.

Eating diet that contains zinc daily will help you maintain healthy testosterone levels.


Excess Zinc In The Body

While a deficiency of zinc can be a cause of concern, too much of it is also harmful and can become toxic. It is best to stick with the recommended daily allowance of 11mg per day but if you need to take more do not exceed 40mg daily.

When zinc is too much in the body it is observed with nausea, headaches, diarrhea and cramps.


Side Effects Of Zinc


Zinc is readily absorbed by the body. But in some cases it causes stomach upset especially when its intake is much. It also leaves an unpleasant after-taste.



Low amounts of testosterone can be traced to zinc deficiency in many cases, but in more cases zinc supplement can reverse this tendency and help men develop increased quantities of testosterone. It is important to remember that men lose zinc from important activities like sweating and sex, so it is important to replace these vital minerals.

Even though one feels healthy, it doesn’t do any harm to take the daily recommended allowance as a base. It will boost your testosterone levels and contribute immensely to the normal functioning of your cells and endocrine system.


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NOTE:This article was written by a  Nutritionist blogger, Simeon Okemute.



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