Essential Oils And High Blood Pressure

Essential oils, also known as oil of the plant because of where they come from, have been used medically for centuries by the ancient people notably the early Spaniards. Modern science has revived the interest in essential oils because of its many Therapeutic and medical benefits.

Essential Oils And High Blood Pressure

The essential oil is naturally occurring and is a by-product of wild plants, the concentrated oil is extracted from seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of aromatic plants like lavender, Geranium, and rosemary, and they have powerfully fragrant.

The most popular methods used in extracting this volatile oil is either by steam or hydrodistillation although the formal appear to be the most used method.

Essential oils have been studied extensively for therapeutic and medical use and have been found to possess lots of biological activities like antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and is said to be very effective in reducing the risk of many health challenges including High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure is a serious health problem that is probably the biggest risk for stroke as statistics has it that it accounts for about 33-50% causes of stroke.

High blood pressure occurs when the blood that flows through the arteries are compelled by circumstances such as thick blood or narrowed blood vessels to push with too much force(Pressure). Even though you might not feel the pressure when the blood is pushing through the arteries, as this continues over time, it will damage the walls of the arteries.

Essential Oils And High Blood Pressure

This causes a lot of harm to the heart most especially as the workload is increased in the heart and blood vessels and this, over time can cause some significant damage to the delicate tissue lining inside the arteries.

This can gradually graduate to a new and delicate health challenge as bad Cholesterol known as LDL begin to form plaque within the artery walls and that marks the beginning of atherosclerosis.

Gradually, the arteries wall began to narrow by and by making the blood pressure to rise more and more. This can continue till probably the whole blood vessel is blocked cutting off blood supply to parts of the body.

The ultimate end if left unchecked could be Heart attack also called heart failure, stroke or any of these degenerative cardiovascular diseases.

It can result in death if not promptly and properly attended to.

Although there might not be symptoms as the pressure increases, there are warning signs that should not be ignored including chest pain, tiredness, and fatigue, headache, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, bleeding from the nose.


You see, high blood pressure is not just a disease, it is a killer disease and it kills silently without the patient most times not knowing.The regular cardio checkup is the easiest way of preventing the risk effects of High blood pressure.

There are many natural treatments for high blood pressure including the use of essential oil and cinnamon. Again, the patient might want to try and reduce bad cholesterol, too by taking more fish oil.



High Blood Pressure And Essential Oil.

The quest to lower the blood pressure without involving the medics has lead many to trying natural means including essential oil.

Can Essential oil help lower one’s blood pressure?

Out of the many proven ways of naturally lowering blood pressure, the application of essential oil features prominently and have been used effectively by different persons with an amazing positive result.

Regular use of Essential oils has been shown to improve blood circulation. In a study conducted, it was reviewed that high blood patients who regularly use Bergamot Essential Oil reported tremendous improvement in their blood pressure.

The essential oil has been known to contain stress easing properties and since stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure, the ability of the essential oil to ease stress ultimately pay off by reducing blood pressure.

Essential oil boost blood circulation by easing the pressure within the arteries and veins walls thereby drastically cutting down the rate of blood pressure.

Essential Oils With Blood Pressure Controlling Properties.

Many small studies reviewed that, although essential oil has the ability to reduce blood pressure, however, not all essential oil are capable of doing. In fact some school of taught has it that, Rosemary Essential oil can increase blood pressure and so high blood pressure patients are advised against using it.


  • Lavender Essential Oil

Essential Oils And High Blood Pressure

A closed monitored study involving  a group of volunteers showed that inhaling Lavender Essential Oil can significantly reduced high blood pressure.

After the study, high blood pressure patients who participated in the studies reported massive reduction in blood pressure and heart rate just by inhaling lavender essential oil.

Dose for HBP: 2 drops lavender essential oil.

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This is another pure essential oil with soothing and relaxation as well as stress reduction effects, according to report. Studies reviewed that high blood patients as well as those under stress can benefit significantly by inhaling  Ylang Ylang Essential oil. The study lasted for 24 hours and massive progress was recorded which suggest the effective of Essential oil on subjective stress, state anxiety, high blood pressure and abnormal heart rate.


  • Clary Sage Essential Oil

When it comes to efficacy in reducing relaxation that reduces blood pressure, studies has shown that Clary sage Essential Oil might perform even better than both Ylang Ylang Essential oil and Lavender Essential oil.

In a separate trial group involving patients with high blood pressure, those who inhaled Clary Sage were found to respond faster and blood pressure reduced drastically more than other groups that inhaled other brands of essential oil.

Another trial proved that Clary Sage essential oil can be used as therapeutic agent for patients with depression, meaning it can serve as antidepressant for depressed people.


Other brands of essential oil proven to have effects on high blood pressure include Frankincense Essential Oil and Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil, both can be good in relaxation leading to reduction in blood pressure and boost heart rate.



High blood pressure can be very dangerous as it can result to more complications that may even result to death. Essential oil so far have been proven to reduced the risk effects of high blood pressure.

These natural occurring oils, although safe should be taken only with the advice of a health professional especially if the patient is pregnant, breast feeding or under medical observation.


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