Fish Oil, The Best Remedy For High Blood Pressure!

Does fish oil have any positive impact on high blood pressure? Would taking a regular diet rich in fish oil have any impact on one’s blood pressure? Maybe. This article seeks to find out what impact fish oil has on people with high blood pressure.

But then why is it a big deal if I have high blood pressure?  Here is why.

fish oil and high blood pressure

Uncontrolled blood pressure can be very dangerous. It can lead to many health complications including stroke. It is dangerous although you might not fill its impacts as it damages your arteries, heart, and organs but a long-term uncontrolled blood pressure can cause life-threatening health complications that might even lead to death. little wonder it is regarded by many experts as a silent killer.

Now, here is a more mind-boggling statistics from The Center For Disease Control and Prevention, CDC on the menace of high blood pressure.

The report reviewed that about 75 million Americans representing about 29% of the total Adult American are struggling with high blood pressure.

1 in every 3 adult Americans has what is called prehypertension which by interpretation means blood pressure higher than normal although not yet full-blown to be called hypertension.

Out of the verse numbers of Adult Americans with full-blown high blood pressure, only about half of those have been able to bring it under control.

The statistics are even more frightening as according to a 2013 survey, more than 360,000 deaths in America included high blood pressure as either a primary cause or a contributing factor.

With this mind-boggling numbers, it is glaring to every one that high blood pressure has reached an alarming stage hence the quest by many health workers to find out if fish oil can aid reduce the effects of high blood pressure.


When Is High Blood Pressure Said To Be High? 

Firstly, high blood pressure occurs when the pressure of blood flow through the blood vessels is higher than normal. When the force of the blood pressure pushing against the blood wall is consistently and abnormally higher than usual, the person is said to have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is read either as Systolic Pressure or diastolic pressure and could either be primary or secondary.

Primary high blood pressure is that which develop over the years as a result of age and is the most common type of high blood pressure.

Secondary high blood pressure occurs as a result of either some medications or medical conditions. This type is easier to treat than the primary type. Once the cause is treated, the blood pressure returns to normal.

What Are The Causes Of High Blood Pressure? 

High blood pressure is dangerous and can cause some complications that may result to more serious health issues like the hardening of arteries known to directly or indirectly cause chronic heart disease and stroke among many other health challenges.

Lots of factors are attributed to being the cause of high blood pressure. Multiple clinical journals including The American Heart Association has listed a number of factors that can cause high blood pressure.


  1. Excess Sodium – According to a report by the American Heart Association, excess consumption of sodium can cause high blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Those with already diagnosed cases of high blood pressure are advised to minimize the intake of salty food as that has been found to aggravate high blood pressure and diabetes.
  2. Obesity Or Over-weight- Another factor considered by many experts to be a major cause of high blood pressure is overweight popularly known as obesity. Those group of people has a higher chance of developing high blood pressure than an average person. Most obese persons are guilty of involving in sedative lifestyle and eating habit that may cause thickening of the arteries thereby increasing the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.
  3. Excess intake of Alcohol and Drugs – Studies reviewed that, those who engage in alcoholism and drugs are more likely to developed high blood pressure than an average person. Drinking more than three drinks at a sitting have been found to increase the rate of blood pressure to an abnormal level.
  4. Poor Diet – Poor choice of food has also been attributed to the cause of the high rise in the level of blood pressure. Naturally, those who consume excessive calories and food high in sugar tend to develop overweight which in turn lead to an increase in blood pressure level.
  5. Age – Lots of studies showed that older people have a ha higher chance of developing high blood pressure than younger people. This is mainly because wear and tears begin to show on our bodies at middle age and that include hardening of the arteries. Beside most older people find it more cumbersome to exercise making the accumulated cholesterol to harden the arteries and make it stiffer and less elastic.  The result is a sharp rise in the blood pressure level and a serious risk for heart disease.
  6. There are so many other causes of high blood pressure like stress, as a sedative lifestyle which involves watching too much TV and staying in one place too much and less physical activities. others include smoking, effects of certain medications like birth control pills and cold pills, Obstructive sleep apnea, Kidney problems, Adrenal gland tumors, Thyroid problems etc.





What Are The Dangers Of High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure has lots and lots of risk factors including damage to the blood vessels and other organs in the body. A long-term uncontrolled blood pressure can result in more deadly complications like

  • Heart Disease.

An uncontrolled high blood pressure is a serious risk factor for various kinds of heart disorders, as the heart is the chief engine room for blood supply around the entire body system.

High blood makes your heart to work harder than it should to ensure that blood is supplied around the body and that can result to what they called left ventricular hypertrophy, which is the thickening or stiffening of the left ventricle.

This can result in degenerative conditions such as Coronary artery disease, Enlargement of the left heart, and or Heart failure.

The end result of these heart diseases could be Heart Attack of irregular heart rhythms, heart failure to even death.

  • Brain Damage Or Brain Disease.

Another very serious danger of high blood pressure is that, if left uncontrolled for a longer period of time, it can lead to shortage of blood supply to the brain cells, as the brain cells also depends on the healthy blood supply from the heart to function optimally, a lack of it or insufficient supply of it can cause serious damage to the brain tissues resulting to more serious complications such as cognitive impairment,Dementia, Transient ischemic attack,stroke, etc.

  • Kidney Disease.

The human also depends on the blood supply from the heart to carry out its function of filtration of waste products out of the body but high blood pressure can cause damage to the blood vessel that supply blood to the kidney and that can cause several types of kidney diseases such as Kidney artery aneurysm, Kidney scarring, and kidney failure.

  • Eye Disorders.

The eyes, just like any part of the body needs a constant supply of the blood to remain healthy and function efficiently, however, high blood pressure can cause injury to those tiny vessels that carry blood to the eyes leading to some complications with the eyes such as, choroidopathy, optic neuropathy, retinopathy.

These conditions are made worst especially if you also suffer from diabetes.

  • Sexual Malfunctions.

High blood pressure can cause sexual dysfunctions in men as the vessels that supply blood to the penal area is injured making it impossible to have adequate blood for a sustained erection.

Generally, it is common to men to experience sexual difficulties as they age, However when high blood pressure combined with age, the ability to have a satisfactory sexual life become difficult.


There are other dangers uncontrolled high blood pressure possed and the earlier it is tackled, the better for it.


Does Fish Oil Help Lower Blood Pressure?

Omega 3 fatty acid from fish is said to be very effective in lowering blood pressure as according to Dr. Miller, the presence of EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) helps the body to create eicosanoids hormones that help in thinning the blood.

Fish Oil And High Blood Pressure

Dr. Miller further explained that thinner blood may help the blood flow more easily thereby taking the pressure off the heart. He further reviewed on his website that, Omega 3 fish oils effects on blood pressure could be linked to its anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory abilities.

Another study conducted by top scientists has it’s preliminary report stating in favor of fish oil as the report suggests that fish oil can help lower blood pressure.

Countless numbers of other clinical trial showed that indeed a diet rich in omega 3 fish oil can help lower blood pressure and reduce that risk of many degenerative diseases resulting from uncontrolled blood pressure.


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