How To Gain Weight In Women

Weight Gain involves the increase in muscle, fat and excess fluids in the body. The body weight is expected to change as the age increases. The lack of increase in weight as the age progresses is termed being ‘underweight.’ The attendant effect of being underweight is that the immune system will not operate strongly. Also, the healing process from medical illness tends to take more time.
Body weight can be determined by calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI measures the body fat about the height, weight, and gender. People with BMI that is below 18.5 are considered being under-weight.

Weight In Women.


Despite the fact that ‘slim’ women are considered fashionable and classy in today’s world, it is evident that some ‘slim’ women still desire to add a little or more fat in all or some parts of their body to get that perfect shape.
Another percentage only work towards weight gain as a process of recovery from severe cases of sickness.
A lesser percentage desire weight gain as a result of ‘status symbol.’ A few misconception arises about being weighty, a few times people believe fatter you look, the healthier the person. This is, however, a huge misconception as body fats do not determine good health status.

How To Gain Weight In Women

Weight Gain involves a change in lifestyle and eating habits. These factors when adhered to will speedily exert significant increase in the weight gain plan. Highlighted below are measures to be taken to achieve that desired weight.

  • Rule Out Medical Condition

It is important to rule out medical condition while trying to gain weight. Examine your body, go for a checkup to know your BMI level, low BMI as an underlying symptom of an ailment. It’s vital o know that weight gain is more difficult for ectomorphic body type while weight loss happens rapidly.

  • Increase Calorie Intake

An additional 20% calorie intake should be taken to gain weight. The weight gain calculator that determines the body’s macronutrients and adds 20% calorie should be used to track weight gain. Take drinks that have more calories. This will encourage weight gain without causing constipation or affect the diet. A glass of orange juice can be taken with breakfast, glasses of milk any time during the day and protein shakes for occasional treats.

  • Follow Weight Gain Diet

Women trying to gain weight should follow specified diet chart as recommended by a Nutritionist or Dietician. Always have a high-calorie breakfast as it would encourage weight gain. Lunch may include fruits and vegetables which have nutrients. Although they do not contain high calorie, they encourage healthy living. Make consumption of high carb food the priority when considering weight gain. Dinner can contain a variety of proteinous food like; beans, eggs, seafood or cheese which will curb food boredom. Snacks that contain high calorie can also be taken later in the night.
It is important to follow the weight gain chart as recommended to avoid an unhealthy increase in the fat accumulation in the body.

  • Eat Frequently:

Do not wait until hunger comes before eating. It is advisable to eat five to six meals per day to provide the body with more calories and nutrients than the required amount. Always try to balance protein, vegetable, fat and starch for each meal.

  • Eat More Portions

Large portions of food plays a major role in weight management which involves ‘calorie in versus calorie out.’ Weight gain is imminent when large portions of food are eaten, as the body store the extra calories that are not used as fat. Large portions of food also increase weight because they raise blood sugar levels, which is an important factor in weight gain.

  • Eat Heavy at Night:

research has shown that eating heavy at night leads to increased weight gain twice unlike eating just excess calories. This research, however, does not sideline the ‘calorie in calorie out’ theory. Always be cautious not to over-eat large portions of high-calorie food like; cookies, candy or chips at night.


  • Avoid Cardiovascular Exercise:

This type of exercise should be avoided as it burns the hard-earned calories. However, it is better to focus on strength training that helps in gaining weight and building body mass. Working with weights and doing exercises such as; bicep curls, chin-ups, bench presses, leg curls, deadlifts and squats help in weight gain. Calories lost through exercises need to be replaced as these calories will be needed. Exercises are known to increase appetite too. Visit the gym two to four times in a week and hire a personal trainer that will supervise your training routine.

  •  Food Supplements


Women that experience difficulty in gaining weight or have weaker appetite can also use food supplements. This should be used when recommended by the medical practitioner. The supplements that are carefully selected normally contain all the calories, carbohydrates, ketones and proteins needed for muscle development.

  • Quit Smoking

To ensure a healthy lifestyle and maintain weight gain, smoking should be avoided completely. Smoking suppresses the appetite and affects the activities of the lungs, thereby having a negative impact on weight gain.


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  • Keep Records

With the help of a food journal, keep records of weight gain changes. Write down methods that are effectively working and the ones that are not. Note the calories consumed every day and the ones used by the body. Then add up the calories gained all through the week and compared the progress with the past and subsequent weeks. It is also important to set weekly or monthly targets and get motivated to achieve them.

  •  Be Disciplined

As much as a discipline is necessary for weight loss, it is also an important factor in weight gain. Compliance with the points listed above will result in the desired weight gain.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating with the ‘I am in control’ mindset is very crucial in weight gain approach. Do not over-indulge in the weight gain activities or diet. These may also lead to obesity which itself might be a herculean task to resolve. Just eat right, follow instructions and stay healthy.


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