How To Look Younger With Age

Every woman on this earth wants to look young always. You don’t need to go through needles or any painful surgery to look young. There are many smart ways by which you can look and feel young. We are going to tell you how to look younger naturally. These are easy to follow and will bring about a change within you, making you more confident mentally and socially. Studies show us many ways how we can look young but we have combined for you a powerful list of 10 ways to look younger. The list could actually be more, but for the  sake of this article, I have selected the most effective and proven methods that will not only slow down the process of aging but will also reverse the aging process.Read and practice how to look younger with:


1. Eating More Greens and Reds

One of the most important among the 10 ways to look younger is to eat a lot of green and red fruits and vegetables. Fruits like pomegranate are full of antioxidants which prevent those wrinkles and fine lines from showing up on your skin. They keep you skin from drying by neutralizing the free radicals that wilther your skin. Tomatoes have lycopene present in them that defend your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays.
The leafy green vegetable kale is loaded with iron and Vitamin K that help in blood clotting and helps your eyes not to leak. Low iron levels in your body can make your skin look pale, making those blood vessels visible. Besides kale you have spinach, broccoli and other green vegetable loaded with nutrients, go ahead stock your plate with them and a take a step forward to look younger.

2. Eating Oily Fish

Lately, Dimethyl-amino-ethanol or DMAE has been promoted as a way to reduce wrinkles. DMAE is a compound that enhances muscle tone in our body.
There are many expensive creams available in the market that has DMAE as their ingredients. You don’t have to buy these expensive creams. There is a tastier way by which you can look young. Fishes like anchovies, salmon and sardines are loaded with this nutrient and eating these types of oily fishes twice a week will give you the same result.


3. Yoga and Exercise

Meaning of yoga in Sanskrit is union –“union of body and mind.” Yoga not only gives you a great body it makes you stress-free. Stress looks on your face and with stress comes wrinkles. If you are not quite the meditating type you should try other forms of exercise which will help you look young. With exercise, you will sleep better and keep those diseases away from you. What are you waiting for get off that couch and burn some calories!

4. Cleansing and Moisturizing


Remember the mantra in your college days “cleanse, tone and moisturize”, well its time you start chanting it again. Avoid using soap on your skin; use a gentle cleanser to clean your face. There are hundreds of branded toners in the market that promise wonders. It is advised that you avoid ones that are alcohol based or with stringent. Keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturizer. Your skin gets dry after exposure to the harsh environment or make-up. Select moisturizers with natural ingredients like cocoa butter, jojoba, ginseng, seaweed or essential oils. A well-moisturized skin keeps wrinkles at bay.

5. Keep Smiling

A simple way on how to look younger naturally is to smile. People of all age groups – old and young were asked to study some photographs closely. They were asked to guess the age of the models with different facial expressions present in the pictures. Models with fearful expressions looked older, neutral expressions got precise results while those with happy facial expressions were rated younger than they actually were. A smiling face will always be appreciated even at your back. Keeping that smile makes your face look younger.

6. Eating Fruits and Applying them On The Face

Grapes, plums, pears and berries get their sweetness from Sorbitol, it is a substance that when applied on the skin attracts water. It retains the moisture of your skin keeping it hydrated. A hydrated skin will never have wrinkles making you look younger than you actually are. Smashing a handful grapes and applying on your face makes your skin look bright and radiant.
Snack on Vitamin C loaded fruits like guavas, kiwi and strawberries. They stimulate collagen in your skin and prevent wrinkles.

7. Sleeping Deep

Our bodies produce the HGH – Human growth Hormone while we sleep. The HGH  helps to keep us young. It keeps our energy levels high, makes our hair soft and shiny and maintains its color and makes our skin soft and supple.
This hormone is produced in large quantities when we are in the deeper stages of our sleep cycle. So if your sleep is disturbed you lose out on this important hormone.

8. Exfoliating




You should exfoliate frequently as it helps to remove the dead cells and bring up the new cells on your skin. This will result in you having a radiant and beautiful smooth skin. Exfoliating also helps to produce collagen. Use a scrubbing pad for face and facial scrubs that helps the skin to generate collagen. There are abundant of good natural scrubs flooded in the market. You ought to stock your cupboard with some good ones if you want to look young.

9. Avoiding Refine Sugar and Processed Carbohydrates

Consumption of refined sugar causes glycation, where the sugar molecules fasten themselves to proteins resulting in a harmful protein called “AGEs”. AGEs harm all the cells present in your body and make collagen proteins to become rigid. This results in reduced elasticity making your face prone to wrinkles when exposed to harsh environment or due to a frequent expression. Refined sugar and processed carbohydrates accelerate the process of aging by weakening your skin’s foundation.

10. Using a Sunscreen, but Choose Wisely


Although Vitamin D is important for our skin, UV rays could damage your skin. Exposure to too much sunlight causes fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The free radical created by too much exposure to the sun accelerates aging process. Always apply a good sunscreen while going out in the sun. Read the components of your sunscreen thoroughly. Make sure they do not have ingredients like triethanolamine PABA, oxybenzone parabens, oxybenzone, avobenzone and octisalate. Studies have shown that they cause cellular irregularities and hormonal disruption.



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