How To Quit Smoking Now


So you have decided to quit smoking. There are a lot of reasons why it is good and many people will encourage you in doing so. In the process of quitting, what may be the biggest hurdle is your innermost demon and the many times when you would love to be the devil’s advocate and go back to smoking as if there is nothing better in the world than cigarettes.
I have fought those demons and I was able to succeed after failing myself lots of times. When you choose to stop smoking, there is no one else who you do a favor more than yourself.

Here are some ‘Tips on how to quit smoking’ now which you can apply to make the journey to stop smoking easy.

Find Motivation

There is no better way to begin than to look for a reason that is powerful enough to help you stay focused on your path. Your motivation can be anything from your fitness to protecting your family from the effects of passive smoking. Your reason to quit should be strong enough so that you do not deter from your decision to quit smoking. If your reason to stop smoking is not capable of holding you back from lighting up a cigarette, then you must look for a stronger reason.

Make a Plan

Your preparations will show the amount of will power you have when it comes to quitting. Smoking is an addiction which means there is more to it than binning your cigarettes. Your brain craves nicotine, so if you are planning to quit smoking, you must be prepared with a plan on how to quit smoking now, and consult your doctor with methods that will help.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy



When you stop smoking, the sudden change in the amounts of nicotine received by the body will lead to headaches and will affect your mood. Your craving will force you into taking just one drag and the ability to resist it is tough. Take the help of nicotine replacement therapy to curb these urges.

Consider Your Diet

If you are in the habit of enjoying a cigarette after your meal, then change your routine so that you do not end up craving a drag of cigarette. You can do the dishes or settle into a room where you do not smoke. This change of routine will help you avoid cigarettes.
Additionally, there are some foods, especially meat, which may make cigarettes taste better. Avoid those foods if you are craving a cigarette that day. Replace them with fruits, vegetables and cheese which are known to make cigarettes taste unwanted.

Consider Your Drink

A US study revealed that certain drinks make cigarettes taste better and increase your craving of cigarettes. Fizzy drinks, alcohol and coffee are said to make cigarettes taste better while water and lime juice ruin the taste. If you have health in mind, then quitting will be easier if you chose water over fizzy drinks. Some people have also found it helpful to change their drink.

Lean on Your Loved Ones for Support

Tell your loved ones that you are planning to quit so that they can support you on your endeavors. They will help you stay strong on your goal to quit and will encourage you when you are tempted to smoke. Friends and family are usually very supportive when it comes to quitting. Very often, to stay motivated you may need to rely on someone else, if you have another family member who smokes, try to get them to quit at the same time. This will help you stay motivated in your efforts.

Find a Way to Stay Relaxed


Nicotine cravings usually increases when you are stressed. So give yourself a break and plan to stay relaxed. Look for ways in which you can keep yourself relaxed. Everyone has a different way of doing it. You may find recourse in exercise, music, swimming, connecting with friends or any hobby that helps you stay busy and keeps you relaxed. Try avoiding situations that may cause stress especially during the first few weeks of giving up cigarettes.

Signs of Quitting

With the preparation that you put into quitting, it is now important that you show signs that you are not smoking any longer. Begin with your home by cleaning out all cigarette-related stuff. Remove ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes from your house. Wash clothes that smell of cigarettes and use air fresheners to keep away the scent of cigarettes. Clean out your car as well if you were in the habit of smoking in your car. Do not let yourself dwell in the familiar scent of cigarettes so that you do not crave them again.

Don’t Give Up

Giving up is easy and there are times when you may fail in your attempt, but do not lose heart. Try again, and continue to try till you finally give up. Find out what made you give in to your cravings and use it as a way in which you can strengthen yourself for the next time you try to give up. Now you decide to try giving up once again, set a quit date and make sure you stick to it. Choose a date within the next month so that your target is clearer. Every time you try to give up, look for reasons why past tries failed and make sure that you do not repeat previous mistakes.

Reward Yourself

Many sites that motivate you to quit smoking, have calculators that help you find out the amount that you will be saving when you stop spending on cigarettes. It is undoubtedly one of the best parts of quitting, you end up saving quite a bit. When you choose to quit, save up the money that you would have otherwise spent on cigarettes for doing something fun. This will act as a reward and keep you motivated so that you do not fall back into your old habits.


If you have tried all the tips above and you still found it difficult to throw your cigarettes away, then drop a comment bellow and we will be glad to help you with more tips.


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