How To Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a health condition that is becoming dangerously common among people throughout the world. The US centers for Disease Control revealed that almost 25.8 million American are suffering from diabetes.


The costs of controlling this health condition has risen magnanimously. It is closely associated with other health problems like blindness, kidney failure as well as nervous system disorders.



Now I must stop here to tell you this that diabetes is of two kinds, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition while type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle related health condition. I am referring to the reversal of type 2 diabetes. Through this article I will help you understand how to reverse diabetes naturally.


How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

To reverse type 2 diabetes, you first have to understand what happens. You eat so that your body can get energy and nutrition to carry out the different activities in your daily life. While protein and fats are used mainly for muscle and tissue regeneration, the carbs you consume act as fast fuel for your body. All forms of carbohydrates are broken down to the simplest form of sugar known as glucose.
This glucose is used for fuel by your body. However, anything more than what your body needs is converted into glycogen and stored in the liver and muscles. With a limited number of glycogen receptors in your body, when they are full – mainly in people who lead a primarily inactive life – the only other option for the body is to store them as saturated fat in the body.




When the body senses glucose on your bloodstream, your pancreas comes into action by releasing a hormone called insulin which signals your body to store the glucose as glycogen. With the receptors being full and unable to perform this action, the body thinks that they did not get the message and releases more insulin. Over a period of time, this leads to insulin resistance. This is roughly what happens when a doctor diagnoses you with type 2 diabetes.


Now let us take a look at how to reverse diabetes naturally.



1. Know Your Foods

Type 2 diabetes is caused because of the lifestyle you lead. One of the most important aspects of your lifestyle is the food you eat. If you want to find out how to reverse diabetes naturally, then begin with a close look at the foods that you must eat and those that you must avoid. The ones that are a big risk to your health are:


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Sugars – Fructose is the devil here but there are a lot of things in your daily diet that needs rearranging. Soda, fruit juice and all other types of sugary beverages are some of the biggest offenders. If you need something sweet, choose raw honey or maple syrup which is comparatively better than the others.

Grains – Grains like wheat that contain gluten are a rich source of carbohydrates. As I explained, these carbs are broken down to sugars and your body does not require sugar because it already has enough of it. Avoid grains of all types to reverse diabetes naturally and once your blood sugar levels are normal, begin introducing them slowly to your diet.

Alcohol – Most of the spirits you drink are high in carbohydrates so avoid alcohol completely.

Omega 6 Oils – We have known these to be a healthy alternative, so we quickly adapted ourselves to the Omega 6 Oils which include sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, soybean, canola and vegetable oil. These oils increase the risk of obesity and are known to aggravate the pancreas.

Let us take a look at foods that will help you reverse diabetes naturally.

High Fiber Foods – Any food that is rich in fiber helps you slow down the absorption of glucose. So add at least 30g of fiber to your daily meals. Fiber-rich foods include vegetables, avocados, berries, nuts and seeds.

Chromium Rich Foods – Foods that are a good source of chromium helps you improve the glucose tolerance levels of your body. Broccoli is the highest source of chromium but other foods include green beans, raw cheese and grass-fed beef.

MCFA – Short for Medium Chain Fatty Acids, MCFAs help you balance your body’s blood sugar levels. They can be found in coconut and red palm oil.

Low Glycemic Foods – Vegetables, nuts, seeds coconut, eggs and avocados fall in the category of low glycemic foods which do not rise your body’s blood sugar levels as much as high glycemic foods do.


2. Are You Stressed?

When your body is stressed, your hormonal system misbalances which is the reason why research links stress to diabetes. Stress can be physical, psychological, emotional or mental. There are many factors that can trigger stress. Reduce the reason of stress so that your body is more relaxed. Stress causes a hormonal imbalance which leads to insulin issues. Avoid this by finding ways in which you can relax. It can be as simple as a good night’s sleep to something as complex as yoga or meditation.

3. Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels With Exercise



A crucial part of reversing diabetes is exercising. It helps improve insulin sensitivity and also enhances your metabolism naturally. The best form of exercise is taking a walk every day for 20 to 30 minutes. It is very beneficial when you take a stroll after a meal.

Additionally, other workout regimes can be combined with your walking routine to help you burn fat and build lean muscle which in turn improves your body’s insulin resistance and helps you stay healthy by reversing diabetes.


For those who are looking for how to reverse diabetes naturally, this information can help you form a plan to reverse diabetes. There was a time when the condition was seen as a lifetime condition, but people have started reversing their type 2 diabetes with healthy changes in their lifestyle. Make sure you follow these religiously so that you can notice a change in your blood glucose levels too. Make sure you monitor your blood sugar level regularly to check for changes as you embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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