Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Reviews – How Effective Is Nordic Naturals Fish Oil?


Omega 3 Fish Oil is increasingly becoming popular among many people for obvious reason – its health benefits. In today’s review, we going to be beaming our focus light on Nordic naturals ultimate omega to see if the claims made by the producer is worth taking to the banks or if its just one of those overhyped pieces of garbage scattered all over the market shelves.


Product Overview.

Product Name: Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega.Nordic Naturals ultimate Omega reviews

Producer/owner: Nordic Naturals.

Price: $59.46 180 count.

Best Place To Buy: Amazon.com.

Overall Rating: 4/5.



Nordic naturals ultimate omega is one of the few outstanding omega 3 fish oil supplements on the market shelf today that has recorded great success on potency and efficacy and as expected has attracted huge patronage from users all over the world.

Ultimate Omega contains more than 1200gm of all the omega 3s and each serving is formulated to meet the daily recommended ration as suggested by the American heart association and is aimed to provide your heart with all the benefits of a healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Product Details Of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega.

  • A product of Nordic naturals-known globally as the leader in the fish oil industry and they have been serving the world with best of natural fish oil for well over 20 years now and still counting.
  • Ultimate Omegas fish oil is made from wild caught, sustained source fishes and are not farmed raised like other brands of fish oil on the market.
  • Because the fishes are wildly sources and not farm-raised, they contain no GMO.
  • Ultimate Omega is formulated in the USA and in strict compliance with GMP standards.
  • Ultimate Omega fish oil is tested by the third party for purity, the safety of ingredients, nutritional value, projected potency and accuracy of information on the label.
  • Ultimate Omega used a formula that combines omega 3 fish oil with vitamin D-3 to give an optimum benefit. You know Vitamin D-3 has been proven to be helpful in giving a strong bone and that takes care of cases of osteoporosis and also Vitamin D-3 is also helpful in preventing heart-related disease and the combination of fish oil and Vitamin D-3 will sure leave your heart stronger and healthier.


nordic naturals ultimate omega reviews

Anchovies and Sardines, Gelatin, Glycerin, Fresh Lemon Flavor, Vitamin D-3, Rosemary Extract, Water and Vitamin E


Pros and Cons Of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega.

Here are some  distinguished features of ultimate omega I like, and they are the feature that makes some people like them  too, also included are the not so cool features, they are the pros and the cons of Ultimate Omega.


Pros(The cool and lovely stuff of ultimate omega).

  • Wild Sourced Fishes – One of the cool things I love about this ultimate omega is the fact that the fishes which are the major ingredient in ultimate omega are not farm raised but naturally gotten from the sea and that takes care of all the fear factor associated with artificial and GMO induced sources of fish oil.
  • Molecular Distilled – this is to ensure purity and free from sea pollutants and other toxins harmful to the body.
  • Ultimate Omega is formulated using a formula that will ensure easy absorption – Triglyceride formula, unlike others that  comes in ethyl ester molecular form which can not easily be absorbed by the body.
  • Children friendly –  I like the fact that our kids can also have a feel of omega 3 fish oil as ultimate omega has proven based on our research to be children friendly unlike some other brands.
  • Made in the USA- That`s another cool thing I love about Ultimate Omega been formulated in the USA under strict compliance with GMP standards ensuring the product is of a higher quality and safe for human consumption.

Cons(Not too cool stuff of Ultimate Omega).

  • Pills are unnecessarily big and that make it difficult for some person to swallow including kids.
  • There are some nasty fishy smells which lots of folks find it uncomfortable and that’s a big minus for me as I don’t like the smell of a raw fish.
  • I am a huge fan of refund policy but unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere money back guarantee is stated on their website and to me  and probably a few others who are like me its a set back.


Do Ultimate Omega Work?

I know lots of you reading this would want to know if this product actually does what it says it would do when taken – efficacy. From the many research we carried out we can confirm to you that Nordic naturals ultimate omega actually works. Although there has been some negative review online with many claiming not to experience any positive change while using this product but we completely understand as our bodies responds differently so it is not expected that every one gets same positive result. But the Over all result from 80% of users is positive.

nordic naturals ultimate omega review

So, these are just few of the many positive testimonies. Of course as expected there are some few negative testimonies but as I said earlier its cool.


Before taking any dietary supplement, you are expected to consult with your doctor first especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking prescription medication or under any medical observation.

You are expected to take all supplements as directed or as prescribed by your health care giver and avoid abuse.


How Much Is  Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega?

Ultimate Omega is not an overly priced supplement like many other on the market although many might still not afford it for some financial constraint. 180 Count bottle goes for $59.46, 120 count for $42.46 while 60 count bottle goes for $23.76. With this you can pick the one that  best suite your budget and will not punch some financial hole in your budget.


Best Place To Buy?

Amazon is my favorite place to shop and so you might want to look it out on the Amazon.com website although you can pick it up at Nordic naturals website and other websites that sale natural food supplement. I love refund policies and Amazon.com has a 30 days not satisfied return policy  and so if you are like me you might want to head straight to Amazon and pick up your bottle of Ultimate Omega.


Buy Your Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Here!


           Can I Have An Alternative Product To Look At?

So you like having all the details and options before choosing the one that best appeal to you, no problem, many people are like that and that is completely cool with me. Recently I put together a list of the best rated Top Five Fish oil supplements on the market, you might want to look at it or you check out my review of Dr. Tobias Omega 3 fish oil to see if any will suite your need. What ever, be rest assured that we look at only the best supplements there is on the market.

Now you have all the options available, go ahead and give your heart some touch of omega 3 fish oil.

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