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Fat burning and shredding are the desire of many. That’s why a lot of people spend hours combing the internet in search of effective fat-burners and formulas to burn fat. Many of these pills, however, do not do what they claim and thereby leave customers frustrated having trust that they will get rid of excess fat with such pills hence the need to bring to your our old school labs vintage burn reviews.

Product Overview.

old school labs vintage burn reviewsProduct name: Old School Labs Vintage Burn Thermogenic Fat Burner


Product manufacturer/owner: Old School Labs.


Price: $47.49


Where To Buy: Amazon.com.


Overall Rating: 4/5


Old School Labs Vintage Burn Thermogenic Fat Burner-Introduction.

If you are researching fat burning supplements and you come across the Vintage burn, then this review will do justice to your burning questions. The Vintage Burn according to its manufacturer, Old School Labs has a distinct formulation to burn fats while sparing muscle and strength. The meaning is that you can shred lots of weight without wasting away. The company further claimed that Vintage Burn is the only fat burner on the market that makes sense.

This review, therefore, examined the above claims to establish the facts and help you proceed with an informed decision.

old school labs vintage burn -Ingredients.

What Are The Ingredients Making Up The Vintage Burn? For each serving of this fat burner, the following are the ingredients present:

Green Tea Leaf Extract 330 mg

Green Coffee Bean Extract 270 mg

Raspberry Ketones 200 mg

Olive Leaf Extract 160 mg

Caffeine 150 mg

Bacopa Leaf Extract 130 mg

Garcinia Fruit Extract 100 mg

Chrysin 100 mg

Forskohlii Root Extract 60 mg

Other Ingredients : Vegetable Capsule, vegetable stearate


Green tea Leaf Extract (330 mg):

Taken the recommended dosage, 2 capsules twice per day, Vintage Burn gives 660mg of Green Tea Leaf Extract. Green tea is very rich in antioxidant, catechin and caffeine and therefore serves as a doubled-powered fat burner. Both catechins and caffeine have been suggested to increase energy utilization through a temporary increase in metabolism.

Green coffee Bean Extract (270 mg):

The Green coffee bean is extracted from unroasted coffee beans and according to studies, has been shown to trigger weight loss while helping to balance blood sugar. Caffeine and chlorogenic acid appear to be the major active compounds in the Green coffee bean extract.

Raspberry Ketones (200 Mg):

Raspberry ketone is that part of raspberry (and other fruits) that gives it a unique smell. The safety of using such large quantities of raspberry ketone has also never been fully researched. Raspberry has been shown to hence breakdown and metabolism of fat, with research suggesting that it targets belly fat.

Olive Leaf Extract (160 Mg):

Olive leaf extract to an extent reduces the amount of Low-Density Lipoprotein, LDL cholesterol in the body. Low-density lipoprotein in higher quantity is dangerous for the body as it could cause blockage of blood vessels in the heart, subsequently increasing the risk of heart attack. Olive leaf extract also increases metabolism indirectly by boosting the production of thyroid hormones.

Caffeine (150 mg):

Caffeine increases burning of fat. Vintage Burn if taken according to recommended dose provides 300 mg of caffeine daily. Caffeine according to studies, increases energy levels the metabolism.

Bacopa Leaf Extract (130 mg):

The Bacopa leaf extract is used to boost mood, improve memory and reduce anxiety. The inclusion of Bacopa in Vintage Burn to boost mood increases dieting.

Garcinia Fruit Extract (100 mg):

Garcinia fruit has over the years been used as weight loss supplement. The fruit has multiple weight loss activities, and the active compound in Garcinia may be helpful in weight loss due to the effects it has on metabolism.

Chrysin (100 mg):

 Chrysin has been suggested to increase testosterone level, thereby preserving muscle. This ingredient is, therefore, the reason Old School Labs refers to Vintage Burn as preserving muscle while shredding. Chrysin is also used for the treatment of anxiety and bodybuilding.

Forskohlii Root Extract (60 Mg):

Forskohlii is thought to enhance metabolism by increasing cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) and stimulating the production of thyroid hormone. These activities enhance fat burning and shedding of weight.

Any Side Effect Of Vintage Burn.

Bacopa leaf induces stomach upset, it is therefore advised that it be taken with a meal and not on empty stomach.

Caffeine is also a major ingredient in Vintage Burn. This could cause a headache, dizziness, it is recommended that you apply caution if you are sensitive to stimulants.


Who Can Use Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn can be taken by both men and women who are is taken by male and female who wants to burn fat without wasting away. In addition, Old school Labs revealed that anyone seeking to have a lean physique could take advantage of the Vintage Burn.

What Are Other People Saying About This Product.

old school labs vintage burn reviewsold school labs vintage burn reviews
Vintage Burn is sold on Amazon and the product has over 2,600 reviews left by customers on the sales page.  These reviews are majorly four and five-star reviews. This is not to say there are no negative reviews, they are, however, minimal. Customers have given testimonies of how they lost as much as 8 pounds in just 10 days.  Many customers also provide picture evidence to substantiate their claim about the effectiveness of the Vintage Burn. More reviews can be read here (Amazon review link here)

Vintage Burn Reviews

Summary Of Vintage Burn

Pro And Cons

Vintage Burn like any other product in the market is not perfect.  It has its very good sides and its low aspects. A closer look at the Pros and Cons reveals a lot.


  • Vintage Burn helps in fat burning through many routes.
  • It increases the body’s metabolism.
  • It preserves muscle while burning fat. This means that Vintage Burn synergizes fat loss and energy.
  • The Vintage Burn is transparent as all dosages and ingredients are well spelt out.
  • It is also free of strange additives and synthetics.
  • Number 1 best seller on Amazon.
  • Vintage burn also has thousands of great reviews on Amazon.
  • Old School Labs also have amazing customer service.
  • Vintage burn customers are protected by the Amazon return policy as it is sold exclusively on Amazon.com.



There are very few low sides of the Vintage Burn compared to its pros. They are;

  • Some of the ingredients included in this formula do not perform any role in fat burning.
  • Few ingredients have mixed clinical trials associated with them.


Where Can I Buy Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn is sold exclusively on Amazon and a single bottle goes for $49.99. A bottle of 120 capsules will be enough for approximately a month.


                            Buy Old School Labs Vinatge Burner Here Or Read More


Final Words

Vintage Burn approaches fat burning in many different metabolic ways. The formula also has an ingredient that targets belly fat while the preservation of muscle during shredding seems to be real. I recommend trying out the Vintage Burn as it does not only help in burning fat but also promotes overall weight loss. What more? There is a money-back guarantee if you think the product is not worth the buy.

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