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Testosterone is the basic force behind a man’s sex drive. It basically helps in building men’s muscles and boosts the size of the sexual organs and testes. There is a steady slump in the testosterone levels of the men once they reach the age of 30. This also leads to downturn in the sex drive as the level of testosterone decreases. This also leads to the false belief in many men that their loss of interest in sex is because they are getting older.
However, it should also be noted that the more number of diagnosis of low testosterone is also driven by less stigma and aging population. But there is a newly launched testosterone booster named Test Reload which has great results and is known for its all-around potency.

About The Product

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Test reload works by producing more testosterones in the body which then supports the muscle growth. This product is specifically aimed to increase a person’s testosterone levels. This product directly increases the testosterones by inhibiting hormones that are responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. These ingredients not only help men put on sizeable muscle mass, but it also boosts the performance of men in the bedroom. Other than this, test reload also helps in increasing muscle strength and enhances the hormonal profiles which keeps your body healthy.

Who Can Use The Product

This product is used by men above 20 years of age. If you are experiencing fatigue and excessive weight gain, then it may be due to low testosterone levels. With this pill, you can recover fast and build stronger muscles. The product contains a number of ingredients that does the work of lifting up luteinizing hormones. This helps in stimulating the testes to make more testosterone.


Majority of the people who have use the product have claimed a boost in performance both physically and mentally. They have seen the muscle growth at the faster rate than before after consuming the product. Although it is advisable to all men to use Test Reload with proper mindset. It is because once they add the pill to their daily regime, it will be really profitable for them to reach their targets but only with consistency.

Test reload is the only dietary pill that claims to support battle against muscle building and help minify estrogen production. Test Reload supplement uses proper dosage of each of the ingredients and all are mentioned in the supplement facts panel. All the ingredients work together in a way to reach the all-around potency. The benefits of Test Reload include increased testosterone without chemicals, pumped up sex life, enhanced muscle mass and increased overall strength.


  • The advantages of the test reload are that all the ingredients of the product are natural, there are no added chemicals at all.
  • If you buy the product, then you would be getting money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • If you find the product on Amazon, you would see a lot of positive reviews from customers. Most of them were amazed by the energy and stamina they got by using the pill during workouts.


  • one of the major disadvantages of test reload product is that ingredient list present on the product is little short. The amount of the ingredients is not revealed which is an important information when deciding whether or not the supplement would be effective or not.
  • There has been a lot of critism from many users as regarding the effectveness of test reload, many people claimed they see no improvement after using the product for a considerable period of time.

Other Alternatives

If you are not ready to take the Test Reload product, then you can use another product such as HyperGH 14x. This is also as effective as Test Reload. However, some people did not find the perfect result after using the product.

Is It Worth Your Money?

This product costs around $97 for one bottle. Now this may be a little expensive for a lot of people. Test Reload is as potent as it gets. Main ingredients of Test Reload product are d-aspartic acid, fenugreek, maca root, white button mushroom extract, etc. Fenugreek is an herbaceous flower and consists of a chemical compound fenuside. It is mainly known to stimulate androgens or male sex hormones. The result of this is extra testosterone production, enhanced sexual performance and higher energy levels. Because of this ingredient, people have experienced increased sexual desire, and also a retention of muscle mass.
Another ingredient named d-aspartic acid also results increase in testosterone synthesis. One study says that d-aspartic acid reacts with the brain to release LH or lutenizing hormone which results in higher production of testosterone. Most of the people who have tested the product have seen tremendous results in them. This is one of the few products present in the market which doesn’t contain large degree of chemicals which are harmful for the body. All the ingredients present in the product are natural and there are no side effects too. Although one should consult their physician before taking Test Reload pill as it may be harmful to people with allergies.


Where To Get The Product

You can easily buy this product from Amazon or from their official website. Test Reload supplement is made by Six Pack Shortcuts LLC, this brand is also specialized in the workout programs and other related supplements. The product is developed by Mike Chang who is a fitness consultant, coach and founder of Six Pack Shortcuts system. Low testosterone level has affected millions of men and thus have resulted in weight gain, stress and decrease in energy levels. With this product, you can help support your testosterone levels and reach a new level.

Bottom line

If you are still in doubt whether to buy the product or not, do not worry. This product is covered under money back guarantee, so if you do not see any results, you can always get your money back. This pill encourages the man’s body to produce more testosterone and blunts estrogen levels which supports the testosterone. This product would help to keep your testosterone production at peak, giving you a lot of energy during the day and increase sexual performance. You can consume this in the form of pills, probably one in a day although you can contact your physician if you want the exact information about the dosage. Many people who have tried this have not been disappointed at all. So try this and live a happy life.



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