Top Five Fish Oil Supplements – Top Rated Fish Oil Supplements In 2018!

A  diet rich in omega 3 fish oil is important to the healthy living of everybody but we do not always get enough of it in our regular diet and that’s why it is important to supplement. Now the problem is in choosing which one contains all the ingredients that make up a balanced  omega3 fish oil.

Here, we bring to your the Top Five Fish Oil Supplements in 2017 you can trust, based on our personal testimony and the people we interviewed and the testimonies they have.


1. Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega, Support for a Healthy Heart, 180 Soft Gels 1000 mg.


Obviously, this has got to be my fist choice of the table. A Product of Nordic Naturals, this product contains more than 1200mg of omega 3s in balance proportion as each serving meet the daily recommended dose as suggested by the Merican Heart Association. Each soft gel delivers a concentrated amount of EPA and DHA and it’s easily absorbed into the system giving your heart and the entire cardiac system the necessary nourishment needed to maintain sound health.


  • Quality is top notch from Nordic Naturals who have been in the lead for fish oil for over 20 years running now.
  • Each soft gives a concentrated amount of EPA and DHA that can easily be absorbed as they come in a triglyceride form, unlike other brands that come in ethyl ester molecular form-Synthetic.
  • Subjected to rigorous and highest level scientific test to make sure its free of free radicals.
  • Works very well.


  • Some might smell awful.
  • Capsules might gel together by the time it gets to you.

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2.Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength, Burpless, Non-GMO, NSF-Certified, 180 Counts.

Credit must be given to Dr. Tobias for their unrelenting effort in churning out supplements that are of the highest qualities in the industries. I have reviewed quite a few of their products including probiotics and now Omega 3 fish oil.

  • Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish oil has thoroughly been purified with the highest level of technology(Molecular Distillation) to take out all the heavy metals, PCBs and other toxins harmful to the body system.
  • 2,000 gm of wild fish oil, with 1,400mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids per serving of 2capsules a day(600gm DHA & 800 EPA).Exactly what your body needs,600mg of DHA.
  • Gives you 3-4 times more of important Omega 3s compared to other brands.
  • Tested by the third party for purity, projected efficacy, ingredients safety, nutritional value and the accuracy of information on the label. This surely presents a quality you can trust any day.


  • Made in the USA and Tested by NSF, ensuring quality is top notch.
  • Softgels comes in Enteric Coating and this help to prevent Fishy Aftertaste.
  • Fish oil is gotten from wild- natural fish and not from farmed fish like other brands.
  • No room for GMO.


  • Still, has some little fishy aftertaste.
  • got some nasty smell( found out most fish oil supplements have this challenge or may be my peculiarity).

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3.Viva Naturals Krill Oil – 100% Pure Cold Pressed Antarctic Krill Oil, 1250 milligram/serving, 60 Capliques.


Viva Naturals Krill fish oil has got lots of people taking all positive things after using it. This is a product of Viva Labs(Now Viva Naturals) has got the superior concentrations of EPA, DHA, Phospholipids, and astaxanthin per serving.

  • Made in the USA under the highest regulatory standards.
  • Unique phospholipid structure and phospholipids have been clinically shown to be 3 times more bioavailable than triglycerides formula of fish oil.
  • Tested by the third party for projected potency and safety of nutrients.
  • Non-GMO.



  • Standard is ensured as its made in the USA under GMP rules.
  • Non-GMO as all ingredients are natural.
  • Tested by the third party to ensure quality.


  • great product but some capsules look half-filled.
  • Pills might be too big for some people.

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4.Brain Power +Omega 3 Fish Oil 


This is one of the best product on the market right now when it comes to fish oil. A taste of this product will have you coming back for more as it’s all you need in an Omega 3 fish oil.

  • Contains 100% fresh fish oil from wild anchovy in the deep arctic waters off the coast of Chile.
  • Distilled molecular for purity, potency and deodorized ensuring that all the heavy metals and sea pollutants  are gotten rid off
  • Full refund policy if you don’t like the product.
  • Formulated in the USA.


  • The producers are so confident that they offer a full refund regardless of whether it’s been opened or not if you found the product fall short of your expectation.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Although capsules are easy to swallow, they are a bit big.
  • The usually nasty fish oil smell.


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5.Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength, Best for EPA & DHA, Fatty Acids, Burpless, 1400mg Softgels 120-Count by BodyVega.

Yea, this great product got on our list of top five fish oil supplements in 2017.This is a product of Body Vega nutrition who are reputed for the formulation of other supplements including Coq10.

  • This product is Soy free, and burp free, molecularly distilled and comes in lemon favored softgel and is an ideal fish oil supplements for both young and old, men and women.
  • High potency and ultra pure capsule.
  • Formulated in the USA and Offers a no satisfaction money back gurantee.


  • Offers money back guarantee if you not satisfied and thats cool and involes no risk as you can always as for a refund if you do not like the product afterwards.
  • Made in the USA and that give assurance of a better quality.
  • The product does actually work.


  • Reported cases of aftertaste.


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There you go. Now you have the list of my top five Fish Oil supplements and i am surely the challenge of knowing which one to pick has been summarized and made easy for you. Go give your heart some fish oil and your heart will love you for that.

Remenber, the American Heart Association Suggest a regular meal rich in omega 3 fish oil because here you have lower risk of having cardiovascular related illness.


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