top ten olive oil brands – 2018’s Best Sellers.

After my last post where I talked about what Olive oil is for, I contemplated following it up with an article that would help make an easy choice between different brands of Olive oil available. After some few hesitant steps, I decided to write this review which I am sure would benefit lots of people.

This is a result of a thorough research conducted in which I look at various factors like taste(a good Olive oil should taste fresh as fruit, not oily and or heavy), bitterness(a fresh pure Olive oil should have some bitter taste because Olive fruits are bitter),and peppery Feeling(Pungent) to arrive at this list of top ten olive oil brands available.

There are a number of characteristics to look out for when making choices of the brand of Olive oil to go and I hope this article would help you make a nice choice that would suit your health and pocket.

For the records, any Olive with the following characteristics, in my Opis not worth your penny as it is considered by many experts on Olive Oil as bad and not worth consuming by humans.

Rancidity -This is a serious defect in Olive oil and consumers should watch out for. You know when an Olive taste like a rotten nut it means there is a serious defect with the Oil. This could be just good oil gone bad.

Metallic – This happens when there is prolonged contact with metal either during production or storage. And when that happened, oil taste and feels like some rusty metal. It is an oil defect.

Fusty – when the oil smells and taste like swampy vegetation you know there is a serious defect.  This happened when the Olive are gathered in piles which may cause advanced fermentation. A good Olive oil shouldn’t have any of these.

Vine Taste – A good Olive oil should not taste and smell like wine and when it happens, it is a defect and it is as a result of fermentation.

No good Olive oil should have any of the above characteristics. In choosing our top ten Olive Oil brands, we look at all the above characteristics before arriving at a list.

Top 10 Olive Oil Brands.

Here is the list of the top 10 Olive oil brands to choose from when looking to add Olive oil to your shopping items. You may still do your independent research though I believe this list is good enough.  We at are aware of the Adulteration of Olive oil going in many places and that is why we had to sacrifice a lot of time to embark on a thorough research so our audience could have the best value for what they are buying.


  1. Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin.

top ten olive oil brands

Price: $37.97

Obviously one of the best Virgin Olive Oil available, Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from Santa Ninfa, Sicily, Italy and is 100% Olive juice, 100% non blended meaning the juice is litterally pressed into the bottle without passing through refining processess giving it a 100% Olive fresh and juicy taste



  • 100 % Olive juice.
  • 100% unfiltered, unblended and unrefined giving it a complete fresh juicy taste of Olives w/ hints of Tomato, Artichoke & Pepper.
  • Manufactured in a facility that only process Olive Oil.
  • Completely raw and unadulterated.
  • 4 years shelf life.


Maybe  pricey for some people.


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2.Ellora Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Price: $41.75

Known for its rich and fruity aroma with a characteristic peppery flavor, ellora farms extra Virgin Olive oil is produced at source in the Kolymvari region of Crete, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. This surely is one top notch 100%  cold pressed EVOO.



  • 100% cold pressed and bottled at source in the Kolymvari region of Crete, Greece.
  • Completely raw, unrefined, unfiltered and unadultereated.
  • Quality assured and certified by the European Union for purity and potency.
  • 100% Raw Olive fruit with no additives


  • Might be pricey for some people.


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3. PJ KABOS 16.9Floz Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


PJ Kabos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one product you cant ignor if you are looking for quality raw extra Virgin Olive oil. It is adjudged to be the best Extra Virgin Olive oil of 2017 and  got a GOLD Medal Winner at the New York International Olive Oil Competition!

Its quality is not matched by many Olive oil products on the market as seen by many postive reviews from users and has won best Olive Oil awards for 2015, 2016 and now 2017.



  • 100% raw cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Undiluted, Unrefined and Unadulterated, pure and fresh from source.
  • Wone a Gold Medal at the 2017 New York International Olive Oil Competition as the best Extra Virgin Oil.
  • 4 years life span.


  •  Might be too Pricey for some persons.



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4. Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil


top ten Olive Oil Brands

Another great 100% Coldpressed EVOO from Greece. Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive oil is, as the name suggest completely raw( Oraginc) and  cold pressed and bottled within 48 hours of harvest.

Greece has been a home for Olive oil for centuries now and doesnt look like its going to be losing its place to some other countries any time soon.Well,  who cares where it comes as long as its quality and potent.



  • 100% cold pressed within 48 hours.
  • Certified organic, non-GMO extra virgin olive oil, 100% Pure.
  • 2 year shelf life.
  • Affordable.


  • Non.





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5.Corto 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil From California



Corto 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oli is Home grown in Califonia and is obviously one of the best  organic EVOO on the market today. This particular brand is packed in a 3litre botle and is 100 Organic with no additives.


  • Home grown and Processed in Califonia
  • Properly box packed to retain freshness and avoid damage from sunlight and air.
  • 100% Cold-pressed, unrefined, unfiltered and unadulterated.
  • Good for all purposes.


  • Very pricey.


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6.Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil



top ten olive oil brands

Another product with origin from  the hills of Sicily, Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil combine three varieties of Olive: Nocellara, Cerasuola and Biancolilla and hand picked from the tree for processing.



  • Raw and 100% cold pressed.
  • Manually crushed using a centrifuge system to maintain hygiene.
  • Ver low aciditic level.
  • Non- GMO


  • Pricey.


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7.Colavita Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 68 Fluid Ounce

Price: $22.48

Colavita Extra Virgin Oilve oil is one of the top Olive Oil brands that give you Sweet taste at the start, followed by slight bitterness and fruity flavor, with an almond finish, a characteristic of a pure Virgin Olive Oil.


  • Cholesterol and carbohydrate free.
  • 100% Organic EVOO.
  • Cold pressed, unrefined, unfiltered and unadulterated.


  • Might be Price for some persons

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8. Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Liter Tin


Top ten Olive Oil brands


Althoug cheap to some extend at $13.99, Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil is definately a product you would want try again and again. This  brand is formulated from a blend of well-rounded Spanish varieties such as the Picual and Hojiblanca.


  • 100% Cold pressed.
  • Certified seal by North American Olive Oil Association and have complied with highest International Olive Oil standards.
  • The first cold pressing from Spain and is in a dark container.


  • Non for now but will update as new development unfolds.

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9.Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin, 3 Liter


Greece seem to be home for quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil as many top quality Oil have their origin from there. Iliada extra Virgin Olive Oil, just like many other quality Olive oils is completely organic and is cold pressed without filteration and refining.


  • Sourced and process in Greece which unarguably is home to the best Olive oil brands the world over.
  • Harvested and cold-pressed with no chemicals or preservative.
  • 100% Organic


  • Too pricey.

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10.Terra Creta


Terra Creta is another quality, Multi-award winning, Internationally-renowned, high-end extra virgin olive oil from Crete, Greece and is traceable to the PDO Kolymvari region.

This brand obviously would get any Olive Oil lovers attention any day any time going by the quality its made up. Added up is the fact that you can fully trace when it was harvested and bottled.



  • Cold Extracted which many people belief is better that pressed ones.
  • Certified by European Union as to authencity, quality and purity of oil.
  • 100% organic, Non GMO.
  • Multi award winning quality EVOO from Crete, Greece.


  • Highly Pricey( Although Top Quality).

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Obviously there are  other top quality EVOO brands not included in the list of top ten Olive oil brands  as we want to present a narrow list that would make it easy for users to choose from.

As you can see from the list, each brand presented here meet the requirement for a top quality Extra Virgin Olive oil, however, you might still want to carry out a thorough research on each brand listed here to be sure you are not making the wrong move.

While not every quality product should be pricey, it is important to note that, most acclaimed EVOO Selling for $10 or even below are of low quality and most are adulterated.

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