What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water.


We’ve had everyone from celebrities to health enthusiasts who have spoken fervently about how much they love alkaline water. From being the go-to drink for those who suffer from acid refluxes to being the elixir for fitness lovers who want to increase their body’s metabolism levels.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water To The Human Body

Bnefits of alkaline water to the human body

Alkaline water is considered to have a lot of benefits and can help you achieve a better overall health. With the entire world walking towards a health and fitness revolution, everything from food and drinks is now labelled as healthy or unhealthy even before you can read its name.
So alkaline water has quickly made its way into the healthy group of foods and drinks with many people swearing by it. However, there is very less research and study that has been conducted on alkaline water. So most of the benefits of alkaline water are based on the claims made by those who have tried it. While regular water has a lot of benefits in itself, alkaline water is being sold as the next best elixir that we can come across. While many of these claims are unsubstantiated, there are hardly any studies that show any negative effects of the water either. Till the time we are waiting for clinical results to validate these benefits, you can sip on alkaline water.

1. Antioxidant properties

The antioxidants present in alkaline water can help in combatting free radicals. These free radicals can lead to premature aging. Very recently, pre-mature aging is turning into a problem especially for those who lead city lives. Alkaline water may be a good solution for those who are trying to fight premature aging. The good thing is that these antioxidants are available in liquid form which means that your body has the ability to absorb them quickly and more easily.

Antioxidants also provide protection from a number of health risks. It is believed that alkaline water may have the ability to help you develop cancer resistance. Its anti-aging and anti-disease properties seem to be one of the reasons why it is being able to garner so much of attention from people around the world.

2. Cleansing Properties

One of the many benefits of alkaline water to the body is that it has a cleansing effect on your body, by helping you cleanse the organs especially your colon. When your colon is unclean, then you can suffer from problems related to the colon.Toxic build-up in the colon can often become poisonous. As I said earlier, drinking alkaline water is safe, so you can use it to help remove unwanted build-up from your colon. It will effectively remove build-up that is many weeks old and even years old and leads to a better process of elimination.
When you drink alkaline water regularly, you will be able to reduce the chances of constipation and other unhealthy problems of the digestive system. This means that there are lesser chances of you falling sick due to stomach viruses, flu or cold and other common illnesses.

3. Skin Benefits

Your skin loves water because it enjoys staying hydrated. Water is always welcomed by the skin and when you drink adequate amounts of water is usually shows in the glow of your skin. Alkaline water keeps you hydrated and rejuvenates your skin very well. It helps in replacing the tissues of the skin and is known for contributing to the elasticity of the skin as well. Your overall skin health is meant to be improved when you drink alkaline water.
Another benefit of alkaline water to the body is that it detoxifies your body effectively. When your toxic material from your body is removed, your skin looks brighter and smoother. You will even notice fewer breakout if you drink alkaline water regularly. When the pH balance of your body is kept in check, it will be able to absorb nutrients more effectively. With so much to benefit from, your skin can look more radiant and youthful if you drank enough alkaline water.
Alkaline water also helps in breaking down the fatty essentials in food which in turn aids in weight loss. For a better-looking body and younger looking skin, alkaline water can be helpful when taken for a certain period of time.
Alkaline water is also known to help in preventing acid refluxes by deactivating pepsin which is the reason behind the pesky acid refluxes. It’s hydrating qualities help you avoid many health problems that arise from dehydration as well.

While there are many others who may claim that it can help fight diabetes, high blood pressure and similar health conditions, there is no study that can base such claims. And when we are talking about major problems like these, I prefer basing them on appropriate research and studies instead of pointless claims.


4 Good For Bone.

Alkaline Water has also been linked to healthy bones. It has been reviewed that drinking alkaline water regularly help reduce about two markers of bone lose.( source: Wynn, E, MA Krieg, JM Aeschlimann, and P Burckhardt).

Alkaline water has also been recommended as been safer and healthier as source of dietary calcium than Milk (Sources:Michaelsson, Karl, Alcia Wolk and Et Al, 2014).




Just like any other clean, filtered water, alkaline water is beneficial for the body and is a lot better than any of those fizzy drinks that you may pay for. It is even better than additive based sports drinks. So if you choose to pay a little more so that you can join the pricey health bandwagon, then go ahead and choose alkaline water over normal water.
However, if you are going to believe that alkaline water can be your answer to protect you from all health problems, then you may be disappointed. Choose alkaline water for its benefits but do not depend solely on it for keeping you healthy.

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