what is olive oil used for

So, what is Olive oil for? what is so special about it and why so much noise about Olive oil?

Going forward, what is Olive oil? That liquid fat gotten from Olive fruit is what is called Olive oil. Virgin Olive oil was popularly called ‘liquid gold’ by Homer and ‘the great healer’ by Hippocrates in the ancient Greek world. This is not far from the fact The beautifying and healing effects it had on Odysseus after he washed in it. It instantly transformed him from a scruffy looking man that survived a near fatal ship wreck to a handsome looking god he was known to be.

Besides that, Liquid gold, as Olive oil was popularly called had been used in the ancient Greek for medicinal and beautifying purposes. It is a regular item on a chefs list as it is widely recommended by many chefs the world over today.


What is olive oil used for

Olive tree((Olea europea) from where the oil is gotten is found predominantly around the Eastern Mediterranean region although the wild Olive tree is thought to have originated in Asia Minor or in ancient Greece. It was widely used in ancient Greece during the time of Odysseus and that was where it got the name Golden Liquid.

Today, the olive tree is widely cultivated all over the world with majority been from the Mediterranean regions, and Spain been a major producer and exporter of Virgin Olive oil.

So now that you know a bit about Olive, let’s move on to what it is used for and why Olive oil is so popular among different people and culture.

What Is Olive Oil Good For?

So, now we know that Olive tree is found everywhere but is predominately found around the Mediterranean basin and Olive oil is the extract from the Olive tree, what then is Olive oil good for?

What is olive oil used for

Going forward, Olive oil has been found scientifically to have lots of health benefits and has been used by different people for different purposes, from running the shown in the kitchen as cooking oil to be a major ingredient for the cosmetic industries, down to the pharmaceutical industries and not forgetting the religious purposes.

  • Olive Oil For Religious Purpose
  • Olive Oil For Culinary Purpose
  • Olive Oil For Cosmetic Purpose
  • Olive Oil For Pharmaceutical/Health Purpose


  • Olive Oil For Religious Purpose.

In the religious cycle, from generation past, Olive oil was one item that was widely used by prophets and high priest for anointing kings and priests. King David was anointed by prophet Samuel with Anoited Olive oil.

Olive Oil and Tree are considered a symbol of peace and reconciliations in the christian faith. The return of the dove with an olive branch after the flood, a sign of Gods reconciliation with man, and also Jesus Christ was recieved in Jerusalem by people bearing  Olive branches serve as a pointer.

Till today in many Christians assemblies, Olive oil serves as an anoiting oil and is referened by both worshipers and clergies alike. In most Christian home today, you will find a bottle tucked somewhere for a spiritual purpose. Many believe it scares demons away.


Olive Oil is also used by the Minoans for their religious rituals. The Athenians in Greece considered Olive oil essentials as according to them, it is a gift from goddess Athena.


  • Olive Oil For Culinary Purpose.

In countries around the Mediterranean basin, Olive oil is a major ingredient in family dishes. it is known to carry a nice flavor at the same time give the mouth a pleasant feeling.In most cases, Virgin olive oil is used mainly as the ingredient in salad dressings.

what is olive oil used for

Many people believed olive Oil is lower in fat calories than other types of oils found on the market although it is subject to debate as may are of contrary opinion.


Although  scientific studies show that virgir Olive oil is a good source of omega 3 needed for a healthy cardiovascular system, research however shows that heating this oil will completely destroy all the enzymes turning the fats into carcinogen, dangerous cancer causing agent, not only that, it completely destroys all the vitamins and minerals  making the oil almost useless.


  • Olive Oil For Cosmetic Purpose

I am a huge fan of Olive soap( bathing Soap made with Olive) and I almost would not touch any other soap except soap made from olive. I am sure many other people are like that hence the cosmetic industries that produce both soaps and creams from Olive oil thrives.

Olive oil is a major ingredients in the production of a variety of soaps, creams, lotions, shampoos and many other cosmetic products.

Beyond the cosmetics use of Olive oil, it can be used directly as a moisturizer for the dry skin, as lip scrub, as a make up remover for ladies, as cracked heel balm. It helps improve skin health when used directly.

Lots of people now prefer Olive oil as cosmetic to commercial  creams and lotions as they are without chemical combination and would help to hydrate and cleanse your skin and at the same time help balance up your oil skin to leave it radiant.

Olive oil is also good for the hair as it helps keep the hairs health. It can be also as a pre-shampooo treatment.


  • Olive Oil For Pharmaceutical/Health Purpose.

Olive oil is known with lots of pharmaceutical and health benefits. For example, Olive oil has been  proven to contains Oleic acid and Oleic acid is is great in redicing the level of bad cholesterol while at the same time increasing the level of good cholesterol.

A lot of scientific research suggests that Olive Oil is just as good and helpful to the cardiovascular health as Fish and Krill oils.

In a research headed by Dr Cecilia Samieri from the National Institute for Health and Medical Research of Bordeaux, France, in its publication, it was suggested that those who consume more Olive oil have 41% low risk of having stroke than people who dont not consumer Olive oil but consumed other conventional oil especially in salad.

Olive oil also has high concentration of of Vitamin E which has been proven to be helpful in preventing arteriosclerosis and also help to reduce high blood pressure.









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