10 Incredible Brands Of Essential Oils You Must Have.

There at least a hundred and twenty (120) different kinds of essential oils known, produced and used by humans today and they form the raw materials for the production of some line of products including perfumes and some body care products.

Essential oils are basically the extracted water-insoluble, thick form of oils from plants which have some properties that are of high value to man.

Some properties like the nice smells that ooze from some plants and their oil extract make them especially useful as a form of alternative medicinal therapy known as aromatherapy. Other properties that make essential oils worthy of attention and consideration is the ability of some oils to repel insects like mosquitoes, ants,  and even some animals and pests like rodents.

What Is The Best Brand Of Essential Oils

The use of essential oils goes back in time to ancient civilizations and cultures where they use essential oils for both spiritual rites and occasion,  as well as for medical uses. In recent times also, lots of research have been carried out to confirm the benefits of essential oils as an alternative treatment for some medical conditions.

Some essential oils can be applied to the skin directly while others are not applicable to the skin but will better serve other purposes like for relaxation and as air fresheners due to their strong aromatic qualities.

Essential oils like cranberry seed oil, coconut oil, fenugreek oil, lemon oil and rosewood oil can be used directly on the skin as they are found in most cosmetics and tropical products. Others like Agar oil, cardamom seed oil, carrot seed oil, cedar oil, citronella oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, rose oil and vetiver oil is used for their fragrance and scent in aromatherapy, perfumery, and anti-pest. Many more essential oils are still used for other purposes like cinnamon oil which is used for food flavoring and ginger oil that has been found to be effective in treating nausea.

So it’s obvious that the benefits of essential oils cannot be overlooked, or swept aside as unimportant.


There are lots of companies producing and selling essential oil on the market today. While it is true some are wonderfully made from pure and organic ingredients, others are made with less pure ingredients and are diluted and filled with fillers for commercial purposes.

Of course, you know essential oil with most effects are those made with pure and organic ingredients and anyone looking to have the best of experience using essential oil should look for that which is of the highest standard.

That seems to be the problem now as many potential users tend to find it a bit difficult getting good and pure oils from the many in the catalog.

That seems to be no longer a problem as I and my wonderful team have done lots and lots of research, have done some digging and have sieve through to get you the top 10 essential oil brands.


HOW Do I know Good Essential Oil From The Lot?

What Is The Best Brand Of Essential Oils

In the United States, for example, there are no standards for quality control for essential oils and FDA(Food and Drug Administration, USA) does not regulate essential oils a product, as just as they don’t supplement, most of what seems like regulation is actually determined by the claims or intended use of the oil, it can be classified and regulated either as cosmetics or as drugs.

What this means is that companies dot need FDA’s approval before pushing their products to the market, unlike in the European region where essential oils are highly regulated.

Because of lack of regulation in standards quality control, lots of manufacturers make lots of false claims in the quality of their products.

Amidst all these, there are certain qualities any essential oil worth its salt must possess and these are the qualities we used, among other important benchmarks in determining which essential oil makes our list of best essential oil brands.

Users must look out for the following qualities in choosing essential oils for whatever purpose, or intended use.

1. Purity – The last thing anyone would expect is to find out that the essential oil they just got from the store is diluted and adulterated. You want to get exactly what you are paying for. Usually, most recognized brands would allow for the third-party testing to ensure quality and purity of ingredients. Next time you would want to look for companies that do various testing on their oils. A very popular test conducted on oils is the GC/MS test which is for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The aim to tell the components that make up the oil.

2. The Extraction Method Used – Companies and brands should be able to provide detailed information on the method of extraction employed in extracting these oils from the plant. The best essential oil is those that are distilled with no solvents.

3. Small/Aroma – If the smell is weird and unusual, the oils might be mixed with some other things, or probably adulterated. I understand its a bit difficult to describe how essential oil smell, but let me just try, most good essential oil have this floral; woody; citrus; herbal; spicy; minty; camphor; pine; vanilla-like smell.

4. Country Of Origin – Most quality essential oils comes from plants source locally, from small farms. When choosing essential oils to buy, its also better to choose companies that work directly or source their plants from small local farms, farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides or weed control chemicals. This way you are sure you are using essential oils that comes from organic ingredients. Companies should be able to provide all these information on the product label and on the product information on their various websites.

5. Transparency of Information – The information on the product label should be detail and transparent enough so you know exactly what you are paying for. Lots of companies try to hide vital information from buyers and that is something any good product formulator should be proud of. Next time you want to buy oil and you discover the information of the label is scanty, you might want to look away from such product.

6. Pricing – Another important thing to look out for is the price. compare the prices with other brands and if the price seems too good, then probably its manufactured from cheap and inorganic ingredients, probably from the lab. Although high price does not necessarily equate to high-quality same way low price doesn’t equate to low quality, however, quality essential oils made from organic plants would sell at a moderate price, not overly pricey and not also cheap.


There are other things to consider when buying essential oils whether from the retail store down the street or from an online store, in order to have the best of it, find out well if:

  • It blends well with other oils and if possible the list of all the other oils it blends well with when used alongside. This information should be on the label of the product or the as part of detail information about the products on the product description on the website selling it.
  • The company manufacturing it has any experience in manufacturing essential oil and what their reputation is. Some brands are notoriously known for inferior products.
  • Safety warning is included on the label. Read it carefully and abide by it.
  • There is any recommended method of usage. Although most essential oils are safe, it is always wise not to go beyond the producer’s recommendation.

10 Top-Rated Essential Oil Brands. 

So, here is the list of 10 top rated brands of essential oils that we were able to properly scrutinized and found good enough to be on our list.

Although these brands of essential oil are considered undiluted and unadulterated, you might still want to do your due diligence when buying essential oils.

  1. Majestic Pure Essential Oils.

What Is The Best Brand Of Essential Oils

When it comes to choosing the best brand of essential oils to buy, many people would readily point at the young living brand and it’s entirely understood, they have been in business for sometimes and their marketing department is topnotch. Having said that, I want to say we are not trying to ridicule them but just pointing at the fact that, outside living young essential oils, there are other equally great brands doing a fantastic job with quality and potency.

Majestic pure essential oils are one of the top brands that offer quality and pure essential oils. The company is based in the USA, California and provide pure, organic essential oils free from GMO ingredients and also each product line undergoes third-party laboratory test to ascertain independently the purity of ingredients (Simply put, quality assurance).

The company’s product line of essential oils ranges from Lavender essential oil to Frankincense to a host of other names.



  • The brand is California based and products produced in an FDA and GMP approved facility.
  • Each product goes through a third-party laboratory test for quality assurance, the result is often published on the website and product description.
  • Oils are free from GMO ingredients.
  • Free from fillers and other irritants, meaning products are unadulterated, undiluted and safe.
  • The labeling and product description is details and simple for almost everyone.
  • Prices are relatively affordable.


  • Although they have different types of essential oil, sometimes getting certain types of oil is difficult as they are always not available.


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2. Young Living Oil.

What Is The Best Brand Of Essential Oils

 Young Living essential oil is a household name as nearly every lover of essential oil has at a point in time use a product belonging to this brand.

Established in 1993 by Donald Gary Young, young living produces one of the best therapeutic-grade essential oils available and boast of a wide range of products from Lavender, Thieves, to Bergamot, Cardamom and so on, the list is actually endless laterally.

Although the brand is topnotch, they, however, employed a method of distribution that makes their products extremely expensive and nearly unaffordable for most essential oil lovers.


  • Young Living essential oil is of the topmost quality and a leading brand in the industry.
  • All Oils comes from plants from local farms in Utah, Idahok and some small farmers in other countries without application of herbicides, pesticides and other chemical contaminate.
  • Non-GMO and free from fillers and other additives.
  • Unadulterated and Undiluted.
  • Strict quality control.
  • Over 20 years of experience in producing quality essential oils.


  • Uses MLM to distribute products and that makes the products overly expensive.
  • Support could be awful especially when you buy on their website.


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3. Eden’s Garden.

What Is The Best Brand Of Essential Oils

 Eden’s Garden is one brand of essential oil that should not be ignored when looking for top quality, pure and GMO-free oil for whatever use intended.

Established in 2009 in San Clemente, CA and over the years have established a strong presence in the market and has become a giant force to reckon with in the essential oil industry.

Edens Garden produces oils that are 100% therapeutic graded and from pure organic plants with zero chemical additives and other chemical contaminants.

Another thing that stood this brand out is, you get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the products within a certain period of time after purchase and that’s something not many brands can stick their necks out for.



  • All products are 100% pure with zero chemical additives.
  • Highly effective in relieving stress, soothing nerves and promote quality sleep thus great for sleeplessness.
  • Oils have been proven to be 100% therapeutic graded and Non-GMO.
  • 100% Money back guaranteed within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the effects.
  • The oils get GC/MS tested in a third-party lab for safety and quality of ingredients.
  • Prices are fairly affordable.


  • The minus here probably is the lack of information concerning whether is safe to ingest Eden’s Gardens essential oils or not.


Check Amazon.com For Prices And To Buy Or Read More Reviews And Testimonies.



4. Now Foods Essential Oils.

what is the best brand of essential oils

 Now foods are not new in formulating products for healthy use as they have been doing that for the past 50 years. And just like most of their other products we have reviewed here, like Now probiotics, when it comes to Therapeutic graded essential oils, now foods produces one of the purest in the industry.

To make it even better, a little spray of Now Foods essential oil would linger on for quite some time; enough time to make you enjoy the heavenly aroma that will calm all the stress your body had been subjected to, and if sleeplessness has been an issue with you, Now foods essential oil will give you the soothing and calming effects you need to have a quality sleep.


  • Price is reasonably fair compared to many leading brands on the market.
  • Manufactured in a state of the art facility and tested by a third-party lab for purity.
  • Non-GMO and free of fillers and artificial additives.
  • Certified organic.



  • Although the oils are not too pricey, a bit over the bar compared to other similar brands and some people might find it overpriced.
  • Some heavy scented, a bit awkward for essential oils.


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5. Plant Therapy.

What is the best brand of essential oils

 You love essential oils and found them great but you are wondering if your little daughter could use it alongside the other members of the family, well, Plant therapy seems to have all these under wrap as their lavender brand looks great for kids especially when diluted with other substances like olive oil.

Plant Therapy essential oil is easily a brand anyone could fall in love with because it is therapeutically graded and is made from 100% pure organic ingredients, and most of the users seem to always come back again and again after using the brand for the first time. 



  • USDA certified 100% organic.
  • Third-party tested for quality assurance.
  • Non-GMO and zero artificial additives.
  • Price is fair and affordable for almost everyone.
  • Friendly for kids.


  • The scent doesn’t last long enough, especially when mixed with other substances like olive oil.



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6. Kis Essential Oils.

what is the best brand of essential oils

If you are looking for an affordable yet top quality essential oil look no further as Kis essential oil has you all covered with its quality yet affordable oils. This Brooklyn, NY based brand stand out and stand tall from lots of other brands as the production and distribution are handled without involving MLM, something most brands are notorious for.

Going a little further, the packaging containers are also designed and manufactured by the company and that tells why its oils are a little less expensive compared to other brands that outsource most of their products and packaging bottles.

Another great thing from the buying aspect is you can actually pay with bitcoin (Cryptocurrency

) and that makes it a bit easier for people all over the world to buy from them.



  • Its a USA Based and prices are a bit cheaper compared to other brands.
  • They produce their bottles for packaging.
  • No middlemen(MLM) and that makes it easier to adopt a fair pricing policy.
  • Most shipping within the USA is free.
  • Fair return policy. Most essential oil brands don’t offer this.


  • One major minus around this brand is the lack of vital information concerning testing by the third party as no information is given anywhere about this. Brands should be transparent enough to provide this information to consumers.
  • Another thing we discovered is, most of its ingredients are sources overseas and no one knows if these ingredients are GMO or Non-GMO. Most People generally have an understandable negative perception about GMO foods.

Check Amazon.com For Prices And To Buy Or To Read More Reviews.



7. Plant Guru Essential oils.

What is the best brand of essential oils

Plant gurus is an amazing brand that does not only have essential oils, they also have diffusers to go with. Plant guru stated out as a small family business offering users the best therapeutically graded essential oils sourced from pure and Non-GMO ingredients. The brand has since expanded into a global leader in essential oil and diffusers.

Oils from plant guru pass through a third-party lab using GC/MS method, (a method used widely in separating the volatile compounds in essential oil).

Although the company makes use of third-party for sourcing its ingredients, they, however, make sure all their producers and suppliers comply to strict USDA standard. This is to ensure that there is no GMO, no fillers, no artificial additives and certainly plants do not come from pesticides and insecticides controlled farms.



  • Prices are fair and competitive.
  • 100% pure, no carriers oils, no chemical or any synthetic additive.
  • Plant gurus have a wide range of oils on offer, over 140.
  • offers full return within the first 0 days if you are not satisfied.
  • Free shipping within the USA.


  • Depends largely on third-party for most ingredients and production, this means one can not really be too sure where and how the production process takes place and the quality of ingredients.


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8. doTERRA Essential Oil.

What Is The Best Brand Of Essential Oils

When it comes to quality in essential oils, you can not ignore doTERRA as the company has proven over the years to be brand to be reckoned with. Armed with a different range of essential oil brands, doTERRA presents therapeutic graded essential oils and they have been doing that since 2008.

doTERRA also have a resounding research institute headed by very distinguishing professionals who are verse in scientific research, and they carry out research into new product formation and testing and over the years they have offered the best and purest of essential oils, probiotics and other accessories like diffusers to their teeming customers.

doTERRA has well over 50 range of single oils as well as 48 proprietary blends including lesser known oil such as Siberian fir essential oils.



  • Oils are pure and organic.
  • Offers 100% refund if you don’t like the product afterward.
  • Oils pass through a rigorous testing method like the GC/MS for quality assurance, what’s more, the result is available on request.
  • Over 50 different oils making it easier to make a buying choice.


  • Oils are expensive compared to other brands.
  • Oils are distilled by a third party before been shipped to doTERRA.



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9. Aromaland Essential Oils.

what is the best brand of essential oils

Aromaland has one of the best therapeutic graded essential oils on the market, and, although many people probably haven’t heard of the brand yet, they, however, have steadily moved to the top of the pecking order rubbing shoulders with celebrated brands like Youngliving oils.

This brand boast of varieties of amazing oils to choose from, over 50 single oils, some few amazing blends. They also offer hand soaps and gels.


  • Aromaland essential Oils are therapeutically graded.
  • Price is fair enough for everyone to get a bottle.
  • The company has different brands giving users the opportunity to test use different brand from Aromaland.



  • Few isolated cases of not been effective.


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10. Aura Cacia Essential oils.

 Aura Cacia is a well-known name in the aromatherapy industry and has thrilled lovers of essential oils for few decades with its brand of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Boosting of over 89 different brands and 21 blends of oils, Aura Cacia essential oils has over the years given lovers of essential oils a real threat with most customers coming back for more. Moreover, unlike most brands, Aura Cacia oils are not expensive and is affordable by pretty much anyone.


  • Offers 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality after purchase.
  • Prices are affordable compared to other similar brands.
  • Offers different brands to choose from.


  • Although the manufacturers said the products are organic, we, however, could not truly establish whether or not they are organic.


Click Here To Buy On Amazon.com Or To Read More Reviews And Testimonies.




 We understand there are lots more good brands not included in this list and that’s for obvious reasons, insufficient detail information and evidence. However, we are still trying out more brands and as soon as we have more information or try them out, be sure to find it here.

For now, these are the amazing products that have made our list.

As good and enticing as they sound, you might still want to carry out your independent research and talk to your healthcare professional before you start using essential oils.

As stated in my previous article on essential oil for sleeplessness, not all oils are safe for ingestion as some oils have been found to very harsh and cause irritable and some can trigger allergy and asthma.

Now you have it all, go out there and have some aromatherapy experience with essential oils.


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