5 Awesome Top Rated Cardio Machines For Weight Loss 2018

Cardiovascular exercises or Cardio for short, are exercises that poses a challenge to the heart and the vascular system in general.  It helps the heart to pump blood better and circulate oxygen to all body parts including tissues of the body. This helps to remove waste efficiently from the body system.

Cardio targets your heart and lungs as it increases and decreases the heart rate during this process. It also sees to the increase in its endurance while also increasing the capacity of the lungs.

The fact remains that if you are involved in any physical activities like walking, running, biking, rowing, stair climbing, jumping ropes, swimming or anything related to these, you already are participating in cardio. The only question now is how much of cardio do you do.

Cardio is used to achieve a whole lot of physical and health goals. They include but not limited to;

Weight loss, stronger heart, to lower blood pressure, to lower cholesterol levels, increase bone density, reduce stress and depression, better sleep, maintain muscle strength, increase energy, strengthen the lungs and reduce the risk of heart disease.

But our emphasis in this post is its benefits in the weight loss department.


Are Machines Important To Cardio Exercise?

The importance of cardio machines in the achievement of these goals cannot be overemphasized.

Cardio machines help a lot to facilitate and to boost the physical activity for the body to utilize, while speeding up the expected result be it physical or health in nature.

A myriad of cardio machines are available in the market today, each best suited for a particular type of cardio.

In this post we will be looking at what and which are the best cardio machines for weight loss.



Are Cardio Machines Really Efficient For Weight Loss?

No doubt people always ask if cardio machines actually are efficient in helping to burn those calories. And the answer is a simple Yes they do. But again are you prepared to do the required workout to burn those calories.

Either it’s a treadmill or a stair mill, a spin bike or Jacob’s ladder they are all very efficient. All you need after you’ve identified the machine that will give you the best result quickly, are intensity and frequency.

Intensity is a measure of the energy consumed per workout. You can choose between three intensities of workout vis-à-vis; moderate intensity, high intensity and maximum intensity. 50 to 75 percent of your maximum heart takes you through moderate intensity. For maximum intensities, your heart rate will be in the range of 80 and 90 percent of your maximum heart. But how do you know your maximum heart rate? A rule of thumb is to deduct your age from 220.

Frequency is a measure of repetitions or the amount of time spent on workout. Experts says that in order to maintain your weight, you’ll need to get up to 150 minutes of cardio activities on a moderate level per week. And to lose weight will take about 300 minutes of moderate cardio activity per week.

A word about your diet habit is worthy of mention here. If you eat more calories than you burn then you might not see any changes. Or it might even be an increase in weight due to more calories getting into the system and less calories getting out. No magic here, just saying.

We are now ready find out “what are the top 5 best cardio machines for weight loss 2018”.

If you are, then let’s dive in.




top rated cardio exercise machines.

Although there are lots of amazing cardio exercise machines on the market, but for the purpose of this article, and for the fact that lots of my audience here have asked that I do a review on the best and cost-efficient cardio exercise machines, here we have our list of top 5 best cardio machines for weight loss for 2018, and we’ll be starting from the bottom of the pack up. Here we go!







This is the heavy duty version of its predecessor the MERAX Mini 600.

This comes rated at 2000W, more than three times the previous one. This is a colossal pack of cardio benefits.

It comes at a price of $209.95 although a bit pricey but worth every cent.

The features are part of what makes it interesting, with a slim body design that makes it easy to fit just about anywhere in the room,  makes it a nice choice for anyone trying to achieve some weight loss goals from home.

The rated power of 2000W and its range of 10 different preset programs ensure that you get the variety of intensity at any level of vibratory ability for your workout. No need to start fussing about with settings rather than concentrating on the workout, that has already been taken care of. The settings are just a button away.

The vibratory motion of this machine is triangular oscillation with a strong effect that gives you the maximum reward for your efforts at every workout session.

A workout is not complete except both the lower body, the upper body and the upper arms all get a taste of the workout, that’s why the

Yoga Straps for the upper arm workout is an added accessory.

This machine is excellent for weight loss as well as muscle building and muscle toning.



1.Merax new full-body slim vibration platform fitness machine 2000W.

2. 10 different preset Programmer.

3.Variants of speed range and strong massage vibration.

4.Fitted with yoga straps to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms.

5.Perfect for muscle toning, muscle building, weight loss & cellulite reduction.

6. Mp3 player



1. Compact

2. Silent while working

3. Triangular motion

4. Appreciable Power Rating (2000W).

5. 10 minutes daily use of this machine will leave you with an amazing body shape, leaving you to feel more confident.

6. 5 years guarantee.



1. A bit pricey though worth it.

2.The user manual prints are rather too tiny.


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This whole body Cardio prides itself in its portability at just 30.5lbs, you can carry this full body Cardio machine just about anywhere. It’s flexibility of use ensures that you can use it in any desired way and dimension. Either you sit, lay or stand on it, whichever you choose to do puts no limit on its ability to drive its vibratory power to all body parts. Every muscle in the body is touched by it.

if you try lifting weights while trying out different workout styles then you’ll find out that the result you can achieve with this can be massive.

At just $119.99 the price is just perfect for the combination of benefits and features it offers. Push – up top,  step training, whatever you feel like doing with this machine is up to you.

Yoga Straps for the upper arm workout is also included with a remote control system that gives you the flexibility to control speeds and vibration while on the go. The variable speed and strong massage vibration ensures you get the full benefit from NexHt Full Body vibration platform.


1. Platform and Workout Trainer.

2.Remote Control & Resistance Bands.

3. Great for muscles toning, muscles building, weight loss as well as help get rid of cellulite.


1  Very Affordable

2. Portable

3. Remote Controlled

4. Silent while working

5. Variable Speed



1. Irritable Plastic smell. So just put it out in the air for some days to get rid of the plastic smells.

2. Direction for installation in the manual not so clear


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3.Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration Machine


$227.08 – 399.99

Whole Body Vibration Machine (WBVM)certainly can provide you with some impressive health benefits while also reducing your workout time.

With its ultra-streamline design this machine can add another dimension to your workouts. Your warm-ups and cool-downs don’t need be boring anymore. WBVM can boost the intensity of your interval training, help maintain and improve bone density whilst improving overall cardiovascular health and fitness in both the young and the elderly helping to speed up healing after an injury.

The effects gotten from working-out on the treadmill for 45 minutes per day, is the same effects after standing on a vibrating platform for 20 minutes per day. WBVM therefore saves a lot of time while still achieving the same result as the treadmill.

WBVM also help obese and diabetic people get back to shape, helping them gain muscle mass and improving insulin sensitivity.

The power plate of this machine can serve as an excellent post-workout relaxation tool with different types of post-workout stretches such as; Standing hamstring stretch, at stretch, and massages like the thigh massage, glute massage, upper arm and back massage.

The streamline design of this machine makes it possible to have it anywhere without fear of it taking up so much space.



  • Ultra streamline design
  •  variable speed options
  • It is highly effective for promoting blood circulation, weight loss, and bone density
  • Convenient to use at home and office


1. This runs very quiet and doesn’t jiggle the floor no matter where it is set up in the room.

2. It has a remote with a design that is great.

3. it’s easy to use.

4. The speeds are great as well very gradual.


The plastic smell can be irritating sometimes. It is recommended though, that you set them out to air for a couple days before use if you are sensitive


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This is another portable and easy to carry around Cardio machine. And don’t be fooled by its sleek design, its rather easy to use. You don’t need any kind of training to use this.

Like many other whole body vibration platform we’ve considered, this also delivers more than the conventional cardio exercise machine. So, if you will. Like to get rid of some excess weight, and keep on shape, this will help you achieve your goals.

It also improves blood flow and circulation within the body, thereby improving the health of the heart.

Fact is HURTLE vibratory fitness platform targets every muscle in your body to deliver all the benefits of cardio e exercise to your body.

Its motion is in 3 dimension; Oscillatory, linear and planar, with a remote for operation.



  • Whole-Body Vibration.
  • Compact design.
  • Dynamic oscillating motion technology.
  • High-powered vibrations.
  • Remote control.



1. Portable.

2. Reasonably Priced.

3. Easy to use.

4. Price is fair.




1.Output power a bit on the low side below (500 W).



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Shake yourself into shape.

At least that’s what the manufacturers call this. It literally shakes  you into shape

This top of the stack offers the most benefits you can hope to get from a vibratory cardio platform.

The vibratory plate has a low impact vibratory movement which ensures that it works silently all the time.

It offers like most other vibratory platform, less work and more result than the conventional cardio exercise machine. 10 minutes of exercise on this machine is equivalent to 60 minutes ofconventional exercise.

It features a user friendly display console that makes it easy to use. So it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or you’ve never been to the gym before, you’ll be able to operate this. It takes the work out of workout and you’ll definitely find this a comfortable piece of equipment to work with. What’s more? It also monitors your heart. Other people who have also used attests to the fact that you start seeing results after just a couple of weeks with 2 to 3 times use per week.

It also had a wide range of speeds of 1 to 50 so as to accommodate all levels of abilities and intensities.

It’s however advised that you seek medical advice if you suffer from joints issues or heart condition before using this or any other cardio machine.


1. Compact.

2. Reasonably priced.

3. User friendly.

4. Silent while working.

5. Yoga Straps included for Yoga lovers.



The hold bars are short due to its compactness and as a result it might not be easy to grab during workout especially for tall people.


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So here you are, a list of the top rated cardio exercise machines available today on the market. As you can see, lots of them have been on the market for quite some times and from what we gathered from previous users, 85% of people have nothing but positive things to say about these amazing equipment.

As you go through the article, I sincerely hope this helps you in choosing the best cardio machine for weight loss. But be sure to remember that a healthy diet goes a long way to make cardio programs effective. Best of luck.