What Is The Best Pre Workout Supplements For Women


And so my wife decided to start working out in order to regain her fitness and reshape her body especially the tummy region after our second child. It was all good and I thought it will help her regain her confidence as well.

The first day went by and it was all good, the second day came and my wife didn’t feel like leaving the bed for a morning work out. She was exhausted and worn out after day one.

This sad but true with lots of people, not only women and men also. They always would want to work out to either regain fitness or maybe work on their weight but one thing always stands as a barrier- Exhaustion.


Exhaustion is one of the major reasons why people cant just stick to their workout schedule but prefer the easy way out-siting out on the couch.

How Pre-Workout Supplements Can Help.

Working out can be of tremendous health benefits to anyone involved and everyone working out would want to have the benefits but certain factors like endurance and fatigue can hinder one from having a successful workout.

Pre-workout supplements can help reverse the trend and help you enjoy the benefits of working out. Here is what pre-workout supplements would do for you.

  • Strenght And Energy Levels.

There are Pre-workout supplements and specially formulated pills that helps promote agility, combat fatigue and boost one’s energy level.

Most pre-workout supplements today are formulated to contains Creatine as major ingredients and creatine over the years has gone through series of clinical studies and lots of theories wrapped around it including its ability to increase strength and build muscles.

Other ingredients that are often used by top pre-workout supplement formulators is caffeine which is widely known to boost strength and combat fatigue.

  • Endurance

The next important function pre-workout supplements will do in your body is to boost your body’s endurance level. Many people wishing to start working out easily flink out because of the inability of their bodies to endure for a longer period of time during and after the workout.

Usually, the body expands lots of energy during the workout and sometimes the body might not be able to recover well enough before the next session of workout.

Taking pre-workout supplements can help the body build strength and combat fatigue and be able to endure the pains that come with the intensity of the exercise.

  • Recovery

It is important for the body to recover well after a session of an intense workout but just like my wife in the opening paragraph of this article, many people fail to turn up for the next session of workout because of fatigue, exhaustion and the inability of the body to recover well after the last session.

A pre-workout supplement will strengthen the body’s ability to recover quick enough to continue with the round of workout.



what’s the best pre workout supplement for women?

Now that you know pre-workout supplements are meant to help you benefit from a successful workout, what’s the best pre workout supplement for women?

Whether you are working out to lose the extra pounds you are carrying or you just want to maintain your fitness and sharpness, there are lots of good pre-workout supplements that will make your journey easier.

The major problem with some of these pre-workout supplements on the market shelves is, there are lots of low-quality products among them. But you know how it goes these days especially with little supervision from the authorities, every supplement formulator would always claim to have the best and most potent pre-workout supplement on the market.


Top 5 best pre workout supplements for women.

In order to help our audience make better choices, we decided to get up and do some digging up and we have found to 5 amazing pre-workout supplements to aid your workout routine.


1.  VINTAGE BLAST – The First Two-Stage Pre-Workout Supplement.


When it comes to having a pre-workout product that would give you an unforgettable experience and massive strength during and after exercise, Vintage Blast would give you all you need.

A product of Old Schools Labs, Vintage Blast represent the true energy blast you need for strength and energy for a successful workout either in the gym or outdoor without feeling worn out.

I have reviewed few products in the recent past belonging to old school labs including vintage burn for weight loss and I found out they are one of a few products that deliver on efficacy and potency.



  • Formulated in California, USA.
  • All ingredients are certified natural with no synthetic additives and preservatives.
  • Formulated specifically to give you strength, energy and pump all through for an efficient workout.
  • Contains no ban substances thus can be used by professional sportsmen and women.
  • Tested by third part for potency and purity of ingredients.
  • Gives you 100% refund if you are not satisfied with usage.


  • Might be pricey for some people.

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2. Genius Pre Workout – All Natural Nootropic Preworkout Powder.


If looking for a pre-workout supplement with less caffeine and stimulant but plenty energy, strength, and pump then Genius Pre-Workout is the deal.

This product, like many other products from this manufacturer, contains no synthetic additives and preservatives and its GMO-Free.

Genius Brands believe that good pre-workout supplements must not contain proprietary blends like  Caffeine and stimulants as caffeine & most stimulants are actually vasoconstrictors and REDUCE blood flow and that is not too good for a workout.

More so, this brands contains AstraGin, believe to aids fast absorption.



  • 100% caffeine free and synthetic stimulants free.
  • Formulated in the USA.
  • Non-GMO and Vegan-friendly.
  • Formulated to boost your strength, energy and a pump up for a top workout performance.
  • Contains a unique absorption aiding formula for fast absorption.


  • Although quality and potency are top notch, some people may not be able to afford it at $39.99.


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3. Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer – Beta-Alanine, BCAA’s, Glutamine.


Red Leaf Pre-workout Energizer comes with a unique taste of natural cranberry lime flavor and is formulated to give you energy and nutrition while working out.

This product is produced in a state of the art, GMP facility in the USA to ensure purity of ingredients and potency. So, if you have been finding it difficult sustaining your work out then you might go straight ahead and order for Red Leaf pre-workout energizer.



  • Contains all natural ingredients.
  • Made in the USA in a facility approved by GMP, safety, and purity guaranteed.
  • Non-GMO and Vegan-friendly.
  • Zero sugar and Zero carbs.
  • Non-jittery and pump up your energy real quick and sustains you for a longer period more than many popular brands on the market.


  • Contains 40gm of caffeine, those who are caffeine sensitive should take note.
  • Pricey for some people.

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4. Naked Energy – Unflavored All Natural Pre Workout Supplement.


Who doesn’t like natural things? The best things of life are those that come in natural form.

This is a product of Naked Nutrition and it comes in all natural ingredients and is unflavored so if you love nature and what it offers, you will benefit immensely from this product as it is specially formulated to give your body the energy boost for a successful and tireless workout performance.

Moreover, Naked Energy pre-worker supplement is formulated in the USA and all  ingredients clinically examined for purity and safety



  • Specially formulated in the USA.
  • Contains all natural ingredients with no synthetic additives or proprietary blends.
  • Non-GMO and Vegan-friendly.
  • Tested by the third party for the purity of ingredients, safety, and nutritional value.
  • Recommended by top trainers.


Non for now but will update as soon as something negative is found.


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5. SKALD® Powder – First Pre Workout Fat Burner with Respiratory Support.


In my last review of the best weight loss supplements and fat burners for women, SKALD Burners deservedly made the list and now, in this pre-workout supplements for women, it still made the cut. This is to show how potent,  effective and popular this brand has been among users.

Not many pre-workout supplements can compete with SKALD pre-workout powder in terms of potency and the science behind it.

Taking SKALD Pre-workout powder will not only prepare you in terms of strength, energy, and endurance for a workout, it will also assist in burning off the undesirable chunk of fat hanging around the waistline and tummy region. And with that taken care of, you can now have a stress-free and tireless workout you’ve always wanted.

This product can easily go for the best as it possesses every good thing to make you enjoy your workout session, oxygen in the cardio region for a successful and stress-free cardio exercise.

Whats more, this premium product gives you a 60 days 100% money back guarantee if after using and you feel it didn’t give you what you want.



  • All ingredients are natural.
  • Made in the USA in an FDA and GMP mandated state of the art facility.
  • Free from all FDA ban substances, so, even if you are a professional sports person you won’t have to worry when taking this product.
  • Ranks among the very best as evident from the many endorsements from popular Athletes and professional trainers.
  • Enhances energy, Suppresses hunger and sharpens focus.
  • Taste is waoh.
  • 60 days money back guaranteed!


  • To price for an average Joe @$39.99.
  • Contains little caffeine so those sensitive to caffeine should be wary.


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To have a successful workout, you need energy, strength, and endurance. That’s where pre-workout supplements come in to give your body all the needed ingredients including a boost in for a cardio exercise.

There might be other top quality products out there not included here but maybe as we research and have more information on other top quality brands, we might create another list or update here for wider options for our audience.

Although our list is well-researched, you can still do your independent research if you so desire before making a final buying decision.


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