6 Awesome Protein Powder For Muscles Gain!

Talking about building or gaining muscles, my previous article here explained in details how to build lean muscles and taking protein powder is one of a number of other vital options to pursue.

One of the vital functions of protein in the body is to build muscles, and lack of protein has been attributed to been responsible for wasting muscles and joints especially in aging people.

Another important function of protein in the body is that it serves as the main building block for tissues, muscles, hair, nails, ligaments and tendons, cartilages and membranes.

Protein is actively involved in building lean muscles and in weight gain as well as weight loss. Taking a fair amount of protein throughout the day will contribute to building and maintaining healthy muscles.  Protein basically is made up of amino acids and amino acids are the main building block for the muscles.

Apart from muscles gaining, protein powder is equally important for anyone wanting to lose weight and so its advised that those willing to burn fat should up their protein intake.

Importance of Protein In Muscles Gain.

Fist thing to understand in protein is, apart from water, the next big thing the body is made up of is protein. The body needs protein to carry out vital functions which include muscles building, repairing as well as maintenance of muscles tissue.

For those with a lean muscle that wants to build up their muscles mass, they will have to up their protein intake as protein can help provide the body with the required nutrients for muscles growth.

Protein could also be used as a pre-workout diet for those involved in the workout as it supplies the body with an abundance of fuel as energy to the body.

what is the best protein powder for muscles gain

Exercise could result in breaking down muscle and at this point, it is important to take as much protein powder as needed to help build up muscles and repair the damaged muscles tissues during an intense workout routine.

It is important to eat a fair amount of protein every 3-4 hours especially if you are looking at building or gaining muscles through exercise as that will help the body maintain a positive nitrogen(an important element in protein essential for tissue building) balance as the body is in a building up phase(anabolic) at this point and a lack of protein will cause the breaking of muscle tissues.


What Is The Basic Protein requirement for building Muscles?

It has been reviewed by modern studies that, to grow muscles healthily, about 1 to 11/2 grams of healthy protein per Ib of body weight is required.

Although protein can be gotten just by consuming diets rich in protein including chicken, beef, eggs, milk, cheese, and fish and in which case, protein supplements might not be necessary, however, a large percentage of people often don’t get their body’s requirement and supplementation appear to be the best option.

Majority of athletes and protein lovers prefer protein powders supplements because of a number of factors including

  • It is more convenient to prepare.
  • It offers a faster absorption of pre-workout and post-workout protein requirements.
  • It gives a better and faster absorption and digestion.
  • Most supplemental protein powders are filled with the proper ratio of amino acids at all times, something that is difficult with the food source protein.


What Are The Types Of Protein Powder For Muscles Gain?

There are different types of protein powders and each is awesome in its own way and serves a different purpose and are preferred by different persons at different times.

The most popular and most used are.

Whey Protein – Widely used and is the basic form of protein that is also regarded as a complete source of protein, all 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot produce are contained in whey protein.

Whey protein is preferred by most athletes and fitness trainers because apart from containing all the 9 essential acids,  it enters the bloodstream much faster than any other form of protein and also has the highest amount of amino acid leucine.

Whey protein is obtained from cow’s milk and is regarded as the most powerful and best protein for muscles gain and is used and recommended by most professional athletes and fitness trainers.

Casein Protein- Another great form of protein that is widely used and popular among fitness trainers. Casein Protein, unlike whey protein, offers a much slower absorption and might not be good at gaining muscles though is great for weight gain and weight control programs. It can be great for muscles build when combined together with other proteins like whey protein.


Egg White(Albumin)Protein – This is another popular brand of protein and is obtained from dried and powdered white part of the egg.

This form of protein might not be an ideal product for muscles gain like whey and even casein even though it digests a bit faster than casein but a bit slower than whey.

It can serve well as a meal replacement and as post workout protein.

Soy Protein – Just as the name suggests, this form of the protein is a product of soybean that comes loaded with glutamine good for recovery, arginine good in dilating the blood vessels, and BCAA’s which is also helpful for recovery.

Soy protein might not be so a great product for muscles gain but certainly its a wonderful protein for pre and post workout, cellular immune boosting as well as digestive health.

Vegans and those allergic to soy products might have to stay far away from soy protein.


Pea Protein –People with the sensitive digestive system will love this protein as it is the most easily digested form of protein among all the other forms mentioned above.

Pea Protein is obtained from yellow pea and is a good alternative to soy or dairy but is low in two amino acids and you might need another plant-based protein like rice to add up the remaining amino acids.


Hemp Protein – This form of the protein is known to contain just a little protein in an actual sense compared to whey protein and soy protein but is known to be rich in both fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Hemp protein is derived from hemp seeds and is generally not considered good for muscles gain because of the low protein content of it.


6 Awesome Protein Powder For Muscles Gain!

So for the purpose of gaining muscles, most of our choice protein powder is derived from organically farmed whey. Everything has to be organic because of the many reported dangers of GMO Foods reported in an earlier article here.


1. Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder Isolate, Gourmet Chocolate, 5 lbs.


One of a few other organic whey protein powder that has been on the market for sometimes now, Dymatize ISO 100 whey protein powder is an amazing protein powder that comes in 12 different flavors including Cookies & Cream, Peanut butter, Chocolate Coconut, Gourmet Vanilla, Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate peanut butter, Birthday Cake, Gourmet Chocolate, Smooth Banana, Strawberry, Fudge Brownie, and Orange Creamsicle.It contains less than 2gms of carbohydrates. Here is a direct quote from their website:

ISO100 is simply muscle-building fuel. Known worldwide for quality, taste, and purity, ISO100 is produced to our highest quality standards. ISO100 is formulated using a cross-flow micro-filtration, multi-step purification process that preserves important muscle-building protein fractions while removing excess carbohydrates, fat, lactose and cholesterol. ISO100 is made with pre-hydrolyzed protein sources to ensure fast digestion and absorption.

Moreso, this product is an ideal protein powder that can serve as both pre-workout and post workout.


Pros Of ISO 1000 Protein Powder.

This product obviously has lots of things going well for it and is loved by the majority of its users as clearly seen from the many positive reviews.

  • Contains 100% whey protein isolate, great product for muscles building/gaining.
  • Easy and fast-digesting and absorption so you won’t complain of bloating.
  • Gluten-free and lactose-free.
  • Non-GMO and Vegan-friendly.
  • Manufactured in GMP and Sport Certified facilities with the highest standard of purity maintained.
  • Clinically tested and free from all known ban substances so professional athletes can take with ease of mind.

Cons Of ISO 1000 Protein Powder.

  • The price might just be too high for some people that really need it but low on cash.


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2.Less Naked Whey Chocolate Protein.


I simply love this product, it made my list of the top five best protein powder for women I previously posted on this site.

Less Naked Whey Protein Powder is free from GMO-induced ingredients and is 100% formulated from grass-fed whey so you have a product that guaranteed 100% organic.

One unique attribute of this product is that the processing method used is such that guarantee purity and free from contamination of chemical detergents, synthetic additives, or heavy metals and other toxicants-It is cold-processed and retains the purest form of protein.


Pros Of Less Chocolate Naked Whey Protein.

  • Manufactured in a state of the art GMP approved facility.
  • Contains only 3 organic ingredients and they are Grass-Fed Whey Protein, Chocolate, and Coconut Sugar.
  • Each serving gives 25 Grams of clean Protein and 6.0 Grams of BCAA’s.
  • This product is Non-GMO, Soy Free, and is Gluten Free.
  • Can serve well as a pre-workout and post workout drinks.

Cons Of Less Chocolate Naked Whey Protein.

  • The taste could be awful to some people given the no artificial sweetener stand of the company.
  • Might be too pricey for certain people.


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3.Raw Organic Whey – USDA Certified Organic Whey Protein Powder.


  what is the best protein powder for muscles gain

If you love organic food and you are afraid of consuming GM Foods because of the many negative theories about GMO, then you’ve got yourself an amazing 100% USDA approved organic whey protein powder.

Raw Organic Whey is pricey and rightly so as it contains only one ingredient, Organic, grass-fed whey from a local farm in Jersey, USA.

Unlike other products that claim to be organic with no supportive document, this amazing protein powder is duly certified organic and has the logo of organic, USDA to show for it.


Pros Of Raw Organic Whey.

  • 100% raw, grass-fed whey.
  • Certified organic with USDA logo.
  • Cold proccessed to prevent chemical contamination.
  • NON-GMO, A2 Milk, Soy Free, rBGH/rBST Hormone Free, Gluten Free, 100% Grass Fed whey.


Cons of Raw Organic Whey.

  • At $113.99, it might be too pricey for certain categories of people especially those on a low budget.

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4.Promix Performance Whey Protein Powder Concentrate.


This is another top-notch, 100% grass-fed, California family owned whey that gives one of the highest quality protein powder.

This amazing product was Cold-processed and micro-filtration to produces an undenatured whey rich in natural co-factors; CLA’s, L-Carnitine, Glutathione, and Lactoferrin and is an ideal whey protein powder for muscles gain.

One unique aspect of this product is that it is unflavored meaning it comes in its natural state without the unnecessary addition of flavors and other additives.

According to the manufacturer, PROMIX has higher testing standards on whey quality than any other whey protein and has been found to be Corn free, soy free, gluten free, non-GMO and Vegan-friendly. It is free from any ban substances meaning professional athletes can as well take it without fear.


Pros Of Promix Performance whey protein powder.

  • Formulated in the USA under the best GMP standard.
  • Clinically tested to contain no ban substances so our athletes can also take it without been ban by the professional bodies for ban substances.
  • Non-GMO and Vegan-Friendly.
  • Contains no Soy, gluten free, corn free and dairy free.

Cons Of Promix Performance Whey Protein Powder.

  • Contain a little lecithin so if you are allergic to lecithin you might have to look for an alternative.
  • Might be too pricey for some people.

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5.PureWhey- Grass Fed Whey Protein | 5lb + Unflavored Whey from Grass Fed California Cows | 100% Natural Whey.


Purewhey Protein powder is one of the few products on the market with a near 100% positive impact from users. Formulated in the USA with 100% organic grass-fed whey from a dairy farm in California, unflavored and contains no additives, sweeteners, colors, Preservatives, and is  Hormone Free, rBGH Free, GMO-Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free.

PureWhey protein powder is made from a single ingredients-organic whey and is an ideal product for muscles gain and can as well serve as a pre-workout and post-workout drinks. It is every sportsman ideal protein powder as it contains no known ban substances and is Non-GMO.


Pros Of PureWhey Protein Powder.

  • This product is made in the USA in a GMP approved facility ensuring the highest purity standard is maintained.
  • Made from 100% pure grass-fed whey.
  • Non-GMO and Vegan-Friendly.
  • Gluten free, soy free, and free of all stimulants.
  • Perfectly packed with 24 grams of Protein, 2.5 grams of Fat, 1 gram of Carb and Only 122 Calories in each serving, a perfect combination for muscles gain.
  • guarantees 100% money back if not satisfied.


Cons Of PureWhey Protein Powder.

  • Well, maybe too pricey for some people other than that nothing negative about this product in my opinion, but all fingers crossed I will update when I find something fishy.


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6.Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound


This is probably the most popular organic whey protein powder on the market, and that is for a reason, consistency in delivering top quality.

Gold Standard delivers 100% Whey protein powder and gives you 24g of whey protein, 5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs, and 4 grams of naturally occurring glutamine per serving free from gluten.

There are not many protein powder products today on the market that can boast of the kind of performance Gold standard whey protein powder has since 2005 till date and that tells you how potent this product has been over the years to still maintained an enviable position at the top of the ranking.


Pros Of Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder.

  • Formulated with 100% whey and gives you 20 different flavors of choice from.
  • Each serving of Gold Standard Whey protein powder contains 24g of whey protein,  5.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs, and 4 grams of naturally occurring glutamine and can serve well as both pre-workout and post-workout drink.
  • # 1 recommended protein drink for top athletes and fitness trainers as it contains no ban substance.
  • 100% Organic with no additives, preservatives and artificial sweetener.
  • Contains all the essential amino acids in the right ratio.


Cons Of Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder.

  • Well, the only complaint seems to be the cost as many people consider Gold Standard Whey protein powder to be too price at $55.09.



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Out of the many different forms of protein available for consumption, whey protein powder appears to be the best suited for those seeking to build muscles. Our list here consists of mainly whey protein powder we believe would help those seeking to gain muscles as well as those looking for a pre-workout or a post-workout drink.

As always, you are advised to use your discretion in picking the product that best appeal to you. You can contact your professional health caregiver for advice before proceeding with consumption.

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