What Is The Best Time To Take Probiotics

There are lots of diverse opinions as to what the best time to take probiotics is, with different experts coming up with different views based on what they consider to be right.

But then come to think of it, why bother about the right time to take probiotic? Why not just gulp them down your gut any time? Of course you will agree with me that timing is important in everything including gulping down substances into our system.

According to some natural healing experts, the best timing for probiotics would be bedtime and early in the morning before breakfast. Yes, I do take my dietary supplements this way, bed time and upon rising in the morning before looking for breakfast. Could this method be applicable to probiotics as well?

While I agree with many of the opinions raised by some people that probiotics should best be taken bedtime and first thing in the morning, I must add here that most of the suggestions are based purely on a personal experience and perceptions and not necessarily clinically proven.

So, what would you consider to be the best time to take probiotic?

First thing we need to consider here is what probiotics is, they are live microorganisms that lives in our gut. They feed on the indigestible parts of our diet.

Now, would it be wise to ingest in these live bacteria in our system bedtime and first thing in the morning when the stomach is virtually empty?

Best time To Take Probiotics.


what is the best time to take probiotics

Looking at probiotics in two forms here.

The naturally occurring probiotic gotten from taken certain foods like yoghurt, miso soup, sauerkraut and kimchi, coconut kefir, etc., could be taken just about any time of the day and there won’t be any problem.

Another form of probiotics is that which comes in supplement form. Now, this is the form of probiotics that lots of people tends to have issues with the time of taking it.

Many probiotic supplement formulators actually recommends you take probiotic supplement on an empty stomach however, I have noticed that each time I take probiotic supplement on an empty stomach, I do have some unpleasant reactions like gas, bloating and stomach upset. I did a little research and studies myself and discovered that lots of other people also complain feeling the same way when they take probiotic supplement on an empty stomach.


Best Time Of The Day To Take Probiotic Supplements.

According to Probiotics101.com, the best time and method to take probiotics is in between meals when your stomach still has some food and water in it. This is the best time to take probiotic supplements in my opinion and I give my reasons below.

First, probiotics are live microorganism, and like all living organisms, they survive by eating, and introducing them into your system when the stomach is empty as advocated by many experts may not go down well as many of the delicate strains may die from stomach acid before getting down to where they will start functioning.

Another angle you should look at is, most probiotic supplements comes in more than one strain of bacteria, and in as many as 10-50 billion count cells; imaging gulping down 50 billion live bacteria in the system with empty stomach, these friendly bacteria might begin to feast on the intestinal walls, and of course that would mean another problem in the making.

Knowing the proper time to take probiotics supplements and applying it will help you get the best out of the probiotic supplements.



The absolute best time of the day to take probiotic supplements would be in between meals as that would provide a safer stomach environment for the live bacteria to get to the intestines all alive and well nourished.

Taking it on an empty stomach would mean throwing these live microorganisms in an acidic environment devoid of any sort of nourishment and protection, making many delicate strains to die before getting to their destination from where they start functioning.

However, the form of probiotics that is naturally sourced from consuming  foods rich in probiotics like yogurt, kefir, miso soup etc, may not need a specific time and manner to take as you would be taking them as normal meals.

Now that you know, get on and start adding some probiotics to your diet. Look at the review of the best over counter probiotic supplements I did here to see which one would suit your pocket best.

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