10 Awesome Benefits Of Biotin!

You know Biotin is Vitamin B7, one of the Vitamins in the group of B complex and is water soluble meaning it can be dissolved by water and is needed by the body in small quantity.

You also know that the body does not store Biotin hence it must be ingested daily from either the food we consumed or from supplements, or produced by certain flora bacteria.

You also know that Vitamin B7 Biotin was formally known as  ‘H Vitamins’, a name apparently coined from German words Haar and Haut that mean “hair and skin” because of its beautifying effects on the skin.

That’s pretty much about Biotin, but then does biotin have any use to the body? what is the health benefits of biotin and should you take biotin supplementation if you are deficient of it?

10 Awesome Health Benefits Of Vitamin B7 Biotin.

There are lots of incredible benefits derived from vitamin B7 apart from been a vitamin in the group of B complex, Biotin provides specialized health benefits to the body.

Here are 10 out of the many awesome and clinically proven health benefits of biotin clinically.


1.Supports a Healthy Metabolism.

Vitamin B7 Biotin together with another group of B Vitamins helps convert the carbohydrates and sugars we eat into a source of energy for the body.

Biotin supports the metabolism and absorption of glucose to help reduce symptoms and risk factors of diabetes especially type II diabetes.

Insufficient amount of Vitamin B7 Biotin in a human body can cause a slow metabolism and the result would be low energy or chronic fatigue, unnecessary weight gain, poor appetite, and a higher risk of diabetes.

You know that biotin helps in regulating genes that carry out metabolism.


2.Supports Fetal And Child Development.

what is the health benefits of biotin

It has been reported that Biotin deficiency can cause cleft palate and limb abnormalities (A) and that is why doctors recommend that pregnant women take more diets rich in biotin.

Low Biotin status in pregnant women also can cause low-fat metabolism which may lead to genomic instability, the end result which is what scientist called ”chromosomal abnormalities and fetal malformations”.

Doctors believe these and other fetal abnormalities can be eliminated by ingesting adequate biotin especially during pregnancy, this is due to increased demand of biotin from the fetus and the woman as well. At this stage, biotin is needed for two people.

Where the demand is not met with sufficient supply of biotin, it can lead to a birth defect, this is according to preliminary result of studies carried out by renowned scientist, but the result lacks clinical backing as more research is been conducted.


3. Supports The Functions Of Thyroid And Adrenal Glands.

Both thyroid and adrenal glands are referred to as masters glands and they are responsible for many bodily functions including sleep, hunger, energy, mood, perception, etc.

A deficiency of Vitamin B7 biotin can result to some complications with thyroid and adrenal glands and the result could be symptoms such as weight gain or weight loss, sleep disorders, a sharp drop in energy level or chronic fatigue and so many other negative health issues.

Biotin is needed to improve the overall functions of the thyroid and to work against adrenal fatigue.


4.Assists In Cell Growth And Supports In Regulating The Formation Of DNA.


One of the many functions of Biotin in the body is to regulate the formation of DNA. Once Biotin enters the body, it flows through the bloodstream to the cells ensuring that the genetic information in the cells work properly and replication and division of cells are done correctly and rapidly so, especially during pregnancy.


5.Assists In Maintaining a Healthy Cardiovascular System.

what is the health benefits of biotin

Vitamin B7 Biotin assists in fat metabolism and ensures a  low level of bad cholesterol and low bad cholesterol means the blood channels are open up for proper blood circulation, giving way to a healthier Cardiovascular system.

Biotin working alongside chromium can prevent the risk of heart attack by regulative the cholesterol level, especially among people that are diabetic with health disease, according to studies.

Studies also have it that a  Biotin dosage of 15000 mcg/day can help in lowering the level of triglyceride especially in people with elevated triglyceride concentrations.


6.Stimulate The Growth Of New Hair As Well As Strengthening The Quality Of Existing Ones.

what is the health benefits of biotin

Vitamin B7 Biotin got to be called the ‘H Vitamin’ because of its immense health benefits on the hair and skin.

For those that want a healthier, thicker hair, Vitamin B7 Biotin helps in strengthening the hair, making it grow thicker, fuller, and improves the general health of the hair.

Everybody loves a healthy hair and most people including myself detest baldness and studies have it that adequate intake of Biotin will reduce the risk of hair loss that may result to baldness.

Most companies producing hair masques add Biotin as major ingredients because of the important role Biotin plays in the health of the hair.

Low Biotin level in the body can result in stunted hair growth, brittle hair and hair loss, according to Dr. Stuart.


7. Improves the quality and health of the Skin.

what is the health benefits of biotin

One of the amazing health benefits of Biotin is its ability to influence a healthy skin growth and in reducing the adverse effects of seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap) and eczema.

According to studies, taking in sufficient amount of Biotin can boost skin health, improves its beauty and prevent it from dryness and cracking, rashes and skin infections.

Cosmetics companies are aware of the health benefits of Biotin on the skin and that informed the reasons why Biotin is included in most skin care products.


8. Strengthens As Well As Improves The Health Of The Nails.

what is the health benefits of biotin

One of the many symptoms of insuficient Biotin in the body is brittle nails.

Studies shows that, an increased consuption of Biotin either in food or through supplementation  can potentially increase the thinkness of nails and decrease in splittingg up to 25%.

Those who consumed more Biotin have lower risk of having brittle nails and other nail disease, according to a recent study.

For people that value the health of their nails, especially for ladies that wants a spotless finger nailsto go alongside their beautiful and shining skin, Suficient consuption of Biotin would go along way in helping.


9. Nourishes the brain thereby improving its functions and helps fight cognitive decline.

Vitamin B7 working alongside of B-Vitamins helps to improve the working of the  nervous system through the activities  neurotransmitter and nerve signaling.

B Vitamins are generally know to improve the functions of the brain, improve memory and protects  against age related neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.


10. Helps In Rebuilding Damaged Body Tissues.

Biotin is crucial in maintaining a sound, youthful and vibrant body muscles and  tissue. Body  tissues and muscles gets old ,weary and some times damaged from use and to repaired damaged tissues, your body need Biotin to help do that.

Studies prooved that Biotin help in rebuilding muscles strength and repairing damaged tissues, not only that, Biotin is needed in alleviating inflammations of the muscles and joints, alleviating pains and aches associated with joints and muscles.

A deficiency in Biotin can result in stunt growth in fetus and infants and may cause complications in pregnat women.











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