12 Proven Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Different studies shows that coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Coconut oil, also called copra oil is extracted from the kernel of matured coconut and is edible in nature.

Coconut oil or copra oil is used in many ways and has many benefits ranging from cooking to hair treatment, skin care, and so many other health and medicinal benefits.

basically, there are two main types of coconut oil, each has its own advantage and disadvantage in some ways.

  • Unrefined.
  • Refined.


Unrefined coconut oil is sometimes called virgin or pure coconut oil and is made from fresh or dried coconut meat. The extraction method used here is either through dried and manually cold-processed to bring out oil or wet-milled through fermentation using special enzymes.

Both methods are rather fast and contain less or no chemical additives or preservatives. Unrifined coconut oil is preferred by many because it is mostly organic, unlike the refined type,is less exposured to harsh temperature and contains more natural coconut flavor.

What Is The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil


Refined coconut oil is sometimes preferred by certain people especially for the culinary purpose since it can withstand the high temperature.

Refined coconut oil known as copra oil is made from dried coconut meat.

The process involves bleaching the coconut meat probably to avoid bacteria contamination from the meat and after processing, the oil would have to be treated with contaminants. A further treatment by excessively heating method is carried out to remove the smell and coconut flavor from the oil. This method according to many studies makes the oil rather unhealthy because of the chemical processes involved.

Sodium hydroxide is sometimes added by some producers to prolong shelf life, and could also be partially hydrogenated by some producer.

Refined coconut oil also has lots of health benefits but not as much as unrefined, but again it still depends largely on the purpose you are using it for.

For example, refined coconut oil is preferred in cooking because of its taste that does not contain coconut taste and it’s already exposed to high heat.

So, going forward, What is the Health benefits of Coconut Oil?


12 Proven Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil has become important in the life of some people and is used for  many reasons. while some use it for cooking, it is important to note that, coconut oils’ usage has gone beyond just cooking as may studies have discovered many potential health and medicinal benefits from using organic or virgin coconut oil.


  1. Anti-aging Properties.

Coconut contains antioxidant and antioxidants are known to fight free radicals that cause cells to become weak and fastened the aging process. Now what coconut oil does is, it increases the activities of this antioxidant by expelling more toxins and boost the cellular immune system.

Apart from boosting cellular defense system against free radicals which ultimately improve the health of the body, coconut oil is also known to be very effective in softening and smoothing the skin, and you know, the smoother and soften the skin, the younger it looks.

The anti-aging effects of coconut oil are felt more on the skin than any other part of the body.


2. Coconut Oil Helps in Losing Weight.

What Is The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains MCFAs(Medium Chain Fatty Acids and they are a kind of saturated fat found in coconut oil) and MCFAs are fantastic in burning fat as a result of increased energy expenditure.

Medium-chain fatty acids have been proven to boost metabolic rate significantly thereby accelerating weight loss.

The fat burning ability of coconut oil have been well-studied and documented, for example, a  Boston University Medical School study published here gave a clue on why MCFAs in coconut oil have the fat burning and obesity controlling ability.

Other studies compiled and documented by the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health shows the effects of coconut oil on weight loss using a male rat as the object of the specimen. The result showed when injected with Capric acid(one of the parts of MCFAs in coconut oil), male rats lose weight rapidly resulting from low food consumption.

In all, consuming virgin coconut oil has been proven to increased metabolic activities which in turn accelerate or aid weight loss significantly.

3. Coconut Oil May Help Build Muscle.

What Is The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

More revelations are emerging concerning the benefit of coconut oil as according to a study by Bolanle Iranloye & Co, published here suggest that Coconut oil, been insulinotropic can help the secretion of insulin by stimulating the pancreas.

Once insulin is released into the body, blood sugar will be controlled and more nutrients and protein will be pumped to the muscles leading to muscles gain.

This is one of the reasons why many muscles building supplement formulators include MCFAs found in coconut oil as a major ingredient. Its effects on muscles building can not be under estimated.


4. Coconut Oil Can Improve Cardiovascular Health.

Studies reviewed that Lauric acid in coconut oil can help increase the level of good cholesterol, HDL and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol by converting the bad cholesterol into good one.

This, by implication will improve blood circulation and reduce the risk cause of many cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, heart failure, or even stroke.

Virgin Coconut oil has also been found to contain antioxidant known to reduce the rate of oxidative stress which is capable of causing damage to parts of the cardio system including the arteries.


5.Coconut Oil Can Help In Regulating Insulin And Improve Type II Diabetes.

Type 11 diabetes is a chronic degenerative diseases caused by the ability of the body to proceess glucose. It is a serious metabolic disorder that is capable of causing serious complications.

MCFAs in coconut oil can help the insulin secretion by regulating the glucose levels in the blood, this will aslo assist the body by improving the digestive health and can result in the release of more energy in the body.


6.Coconut Oil Can Help Eliminates Free Radicals.

The dangers posed by free radical on our bodies are well too many and known. Free radical, reacting with other cellular and tissue components can cause oxidative stress leading to damage to important body organs and tissues.

Coconut oil is known to contain powerful antioxidant to neutralize the effects of oxidative stress cause by free radicals.

Coconut oil mops up all free radicals and pass them out from the body as waste products easing up tensions caused by these free radicals.


7.Coconut Oil May Help Build Up Body’s Defense Wall.

Numerous studies published in different health journals suggest that coconut oil especially virgin coconut oil has the ability to help build the body’s internal defense mechanism thereby helping the body system to mount up strong resistance against attacks by both disease causing virus and bacterial and also fight fungal and yeast infections.


8. Coconut Oil May Help Kill Off Certain Bacterial And  Fight Infections.

Extensive research has been conducted on coconut oil in recent years and scientists have uncovered that,  lauric acid,  which is a prominent component of coconut oil is good at subduing bacteria, viruses and fungi known to be the primary cause of certain infections.

Coconut oil is known to react with certain enzymes in the body to form a certain monoglyceride,  known as Monolaurin and studies has shown monolaurin  is very effective in killing off harmful and infections causing pathogens like bacteria, virus and fungi, especially when ingested.


9. Coconut May Help Control Cholesterol Levels In The Body.

Coconut oil has been found to be very effective in regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body system, this according to research.

A certain saturated fat in coconut oil known as  lauric acid is said to help increase HDL cholesterol which is the good part of cholesterol in the body while at the same time improve the ratio of cholesterol levels in the body.

Studies showed that Coconut oil help the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone, which studies suggest is a  molecule that serves as a  precursor to many of the hormones our bodies need, and in so doing, help lowers  bad cholesterol levels.


10.Coconut Oil May Help Curb Appetite.

What Is The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Many studies reviewed that coconut oil can help suppress appetite. In a study involving 14 volunteer healthy men, it was discovered that those who were fed the most MCTs at breakfast consume much less calories during the lunch.

Another short studies involving 6 men showed that those who eat most MCTs were found to eat about 256 lesser calories on average per day.

Studies also showed that adding coconut oil rich in MCTs to ones diet can significantly affect ones body weight positively, a reason why most weight management experts recommends coconut oil as a necessary part of weight loss diet.


11.Coconut Oil Is Good For Skin And Hair.

Studies showed that using virgin coconut oil on the body can significantly improve the health of the skin and hair.

Virgin coconut oil can be a wonderful moisturizer for both infants and adults alike and can improve the skin texture as well as fight off skin rashes and other dermatological defects caused bacteria and fungi.

Coconut oil especially virgin coconut oil contains vitamin E antioxidant which very good in protecting the skin against attack by free radicals.

Virgin coconut oil is also very helpful in hair treatment and can serves as hair regrowth as evident from how most hair treatment manufacturing companies used coconut oil as a major ingredient.

My wife and I have been using coconut oil since we know that health benefits of it.

Coconut oil can improve the condition of your skin especially those with dry skin.



12. Coconut Oil May Help Improve Digestion.

Different clinical Studies showd that coconut oil can improve the guts health and help it fight against gastro intestinal disorgders like Irretable Movement Syndrom(IBS), SIBO(Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and other guts ailmenets.

The studies went on to reviewed that coconut oil helps tha body absorb fat solutable vitamins, calcium and magnesium  faster.

Another study suggests that coconut oil when ingested  help improve helpful gut bacteria(Probiotics), promote the destruction of  harmful gut bacteria known to cause candida. An inbalalnce in stomach guts can result in decrease in stomach flora resulting in poor indigestion and in some cases inflammation.Coconut oil has been found to bring a balance to that.


Is There Any Side Effects Of Taking Coconut Oil?

Lots of research has been conducted to determin the health benefits of coconut oil and so far, in all the available research results, coconut oil has been shown to be harmless when taken in the right propotion.

However, just anything other food, when abuse coconut oil might cause allergic reaction which could lead to vomitin and diarrhea.

Another posible side effects of coconut oilk especially the commercial one which most people use because its readily available in commercial contity, it that it can cause the rise in bad cholesterol levels in the body.



The study on Coconut oil is not entirely new  as more than 1500 studies have been conducted on the subject and the resuls are simply amazing with lots of health and culinary benefits.

Most health benefits of coconut oil are attributed to a component called  Medium-chain Fatty acids, also called healthy fats.

Healthy fats are not stored in the body and are easily digested and also they contains antioxidants.

Although this article only listed 12 health benefits of coconut oil, there are probably more that thousands of health benefits and more reseach and studies is been done and as the world revolves, more health benefits would be unraveled.










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