What Is The Health Benefits of Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is an ancient aquatic creature that is as old as the sea itself.It is a planktonic blue-green algae-like organism known as cyanobacteria because of its brilliant blue/green pigment and its bacteria genes.It lives in salt water and warm alkaline volcanic lakes in the hot regions of the world.

Spirulina has chlorophyll and uses the sun as its energy source, similar to plant and algae.The scientist is very excited about it because of its potential as a concentrated food source with unique properties.







spirulina was first discovered in South America by Hernando Cortez and his Spanish conquistadors in 1519.

In Africa, Botanist clèment wrote”According to local opinion,” die” advantageously replaces meat source and largely contributes to maintaining the nutritional value of diet when meat is scarce.At one time,”die” was the main source of protein of the tribe.


What Is The Nutritional Value Of  Organic Spirulina?

Having known a bit history of Spirulina, next thins what is the nutritional value of organic spirulina that made it so valued?


  • Low fatspirulina has very low saturated fat, making it an excellent food source for the modern society plagued by overweight and obesity.
  • High protein and unsaturated fatty acids

The protein content of spirulina reaches 60-72% of its dried weight and 1gram of spirulina can provide 60-70% of the daily requirement of protein for a healthy adult..The unsaturated fatty acids of spirulina contribute to its benefits of conditions such as hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis, premenstrual tension and arthritis and as an auxiliary in weight loss.

  • Rich amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

In general,1gram of spirulina is nutritionally equal to 1kg of vegetables and fruits.It contains a high amount of ferrous(20 times higher than ordinary ferrous-rich food like spinach).Its content of vitamin B12 is 3.5 higher that of an animal liver.Carotenoid is 1.5 times that of carrot.There is also an array of B vitamins including B12, Vitamin K, and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Manganese Potassium and Zinc.


Spirulina is a source of naturally occurring Selenium which is a powerful antioxidant.Selenium works closely with Vitamin E to ensure proper oxygen supply to muscle cells and in particular to the myocardium.The immune system also benefits from Selenium.Selenium in association with Vitamin E protects the red blood cells, cell membranes and cellular components from damage due to soluble peroxides are known commonly as radicals.


Anti-cancer properties of spirulina.


The high levels of chlorophyll and β-carotene in spirulina may explain its ability to stop cancer colonies from forming because they bind with and thus stimulates the excretion of cancer-causing chemicals.If cancer cells are stopped before they can form colonies, the body’s naturally occurring cancer cells won’t be able to run amok and develop into symptomatic cancer.


The Harvard University School of Dental medicine reduced oral cancer cells with spirulina extracts and published the corresponding report in 1986.

The anti-cancer property of phycobiliprotein in spirulina is said to have ben granted a patent in Japan(JP58065216) and in USA(US1150726-A82679).


spirulina -Anti-radiation features.

studies have shown that spirulina is protective against radioactivity.studying children living in highly radioactive areas of the world, researchers have shown that spirulina protects the immune system from radioactivity as well as reduces urine radioactivity levels.

Robert Henrikson wrote in his book,”spirulina, world food” that years after the Chernobyl disaster, four million people in Ukraine and Belarus continued to live in dangerously radioactive areas.Over 160,000 children were victims of radioactive poisoning, with birth defects, leukemia, cancer, thyroid, disease, anemia, loss of vision and appetite and depressed immune system, called”Chernobyl AIDS”.

Earthrise donated spirulina to children of Chernobyl hospital in Belarus and Ukraine in 1989.

Doctors reported the spirulina health benefits for children victims of Chernobyl radiation.Spirulina reduced urine radioactivity level by 50% in only 20 days.This result was achieved by given 5grams of spirulina a day for children at the Minsk, Belarus Institute of Radiation medicine.The institute program treated 100 children every 20 days.

A Russian patent was awarded in 1994 for the use of spirulina as a medical food to reduce allergic reaction from radiation sickness.

little wonders, W.H.O has hailed spirulina as”the greatest food on earth”.

FDA(US Food and drugs administration) regards spirulina as”man’s best sources of protein”.

NASA  called it “food for astronauts.In order to make astronauts have the ability to resist space radiation damage to the human body, meanwhile, at the same time provide the most abundant nutrition under the condition of the minimum volume of food, astronauts in many countries happened to coincide to choose spirulina as the special food for astronauts.Russian space agency is said to have regulated that the astronauts should eat 20 grams of spirulina daily when they lived in the space station.11539223-astronaut-wearing-spacesuit-against-a-white-background

FAO(under UN)regarded spirulina as “most ideal diet in the 21 century”.


Anti-allergy features of spirulina


spirulina is believed to have features that can help stop allergy by ingesting the only 2gram of spirulina a day.


spirulina is suitable:


this is my personal recommendations.

  • people who intend to have balanced daily nutritional intake.
  • people on diet.
  • people in a status of malnutrition.
  • vegetarians who have an insufficient intake of protein.

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