what is the side effects of biotin supplements


Although Biotin deficiency is rare because of the low quantity needed in the body and also the fact that lots of organic foods can supply abundant of Biotin, however, people can sometimes run a deficit of Biotin for some health reasons such as prolong use of antibiotics, a continuous consumption of egg white daily for a longer time leading to depletion of biotin in the body, etc.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, some people normally turn to Biotin supplements because it is easier and quicker to have sufficient Biotin in the body through supplementation than through Food consumption.

To avoid the side effect of Biotin deficiency like Scaly red rash on the body especially on the face and around the genitals, a Neurological problem like seizures caused by Biotin deficiency, people usually would turn to Biotin supplements to complement whatever they are getting from the food.

Aside from that, some people take Biotin supplements to help correct some health challenges attributed to low Biotin such as brittle nails and hair, continuous loss of hair, etc.

Because Biotin is known to make the skin more radiant and beautiful, some people take Biotin supplements for beautification purposes.

But in all this, the prevailing question on the mouth of many people needing answers is what is the side effects of biotin supplements?

From available information, Biotin or Biotin supplements aren’t known to have significant side effects as Biotin is known to be non-toxic and is water soluble meaning the body can not store it even when taken in excess.

When Biotin is ingested into the bloodstream more than the body required for use, it is usually transported and passed out as a waste product through the urine and that prevents it from staying in the body and becoming toxic to the system.


More scientific studies are ongoing to determine to what extent excessive Biotin content in the body could cause damage, preliminary result from Doctors shows that the following might likely be the result of having excessive Biotin Supplements in the body.

Side Effects Of Biotin Supplements.

Biotin Supplements, like many other supplements, is safe for use especially when taken correctly as recommended, however, some people, for some reasons experience some adverse reactions when or after using Biotin.

The following are the likely reactions some people might experience:

  1. Frequency in Urinating.

what is the side effects of biotin supplements

Because Biotin is not stored by the body, the excess must be transported out through the urinary system, some people tend to use the restroom more frequent after using Biotin Supplements.

It has been reported among people who use Biotin supplements of the urge to urinate more often accompany with excessive sweating although the report has no clinical backing.

2. Allergic Reactions.

This I must say is not peculiar with Biotin supplements as it has been reported repeated among users of different supplements of allergic reaction.

Generally, some people tend to react to supplements negatively and it could be due to the ingredients used of could be that the product was processed from the same facility that process milk, soy or dairy products.

Among people that Use Biotin Supplements, there is some unsubstantiated report of some that suffer some allergic reaction resulting in swelling of the face and throat, skin rashes, nauseating feeling etc.

When faced with such reaction after taking Biotin supplements, you are advised to see a Doctor immediately and to discontinue usage.


3. May cause Acne.

A dosage of 2500mcg daily of Vitamin B7 Biotin is considered safe but a higher dosage can cause Acne as Biotin is known to increase the production of Sebum in the skin and that would lead to skin rapture and accumulation of dirt.

According to Dr. Jessica J.Krant, a board-certified dermatologist at the Laser & Skin surgery center in New York, excessive ingestion of Biotin Supplements can cause rashes leading to a breakout of acne, though no scientific backing to this claims.

The Acne can, however, fade away few weeks after the Biotin Dosage has become ineffective and stop working.


4. May Cause Other Medications To Be Less Effective.

what is the side effects of biotin supplements

Excess Biotin can hamper the work of other drugs especially anti-seizure drugs and other drugs such as cholesterol-lowering drugs and that could have a negative impact on Diabetic symptoms.

5. May Cause Complications During Pregnancy.

Pregnant women should always consult their Doctors before taken Biotin Supplements and by extension any other Dietary supplements out there.

Although Biotin is needed among Pregnant women, excess ingestion of Biotin Supplements might result into an Unpleasant situation such as miscarriage as women at this stage are advised not to self-medicate.


6. May Increase the Risk of Diabetes Through Increased Blood Glucose.

Because Vitamin B7 Biotin promotes the production of Fatty acids and glucose, it is unwise healthwise to recommend to diabetic patients as this can aggravate the complication.

Those with symptoms of Diabetes should consult their Doctors before commencing the supplementation of Biotin.



what is the side effects of biotin supplements

The human body produces enough Biotin by itself and in most cases, there would be no need for Biotin Supplements. Besides, Biotin is gotten in many food sources consumed by most people and so it is rare for people to be deficient of Biotin.

However, for some reason, certain people may run low of Biotin and there could be need to supplement probably at the advice of a Doctor.

In this case, it is safer to stick to the Doctors recommendation on the dosage to take. Individuals also can make adequate research on the brand of Biotin Supplements to take.

Although Biotin generally when taken according to the prescribed method is considered safe, individuals using Biotin Supplements must know that the USA Food and Drugs Administration and Control do not monitor Supplements to determine how pure and safe they are before they are pushed to the market for sales.

It is, therefore, best to buy from a trusted manufacturer or from the manufacturer you know.

also, be sure you are consuming a Non-GMO Biotin supplements for health reasons.


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