Why Am I Gaining Weight Fast – 12 Proven Reasons Why You Are Gaining Weight Fast!

”I have tried all I could possibly do including cutting down on my calories, increase my exercise duration and eating healthy but all these doesn’t seem to work as I keep one adding weight fast and uncontrollably. My pant size has gone almost double in the past few months and generally am looking out of shape, Why Am I Gaining Weight Fast despite my effort?”


I am sure you are familiar with the above lyrics and you are wondering why your body weight keeps adding at an alarming rate despite the fact that you eat right and also do regular exercise. This article will explain some of the reasons why you can’t seem to keep your weight at a  balanced level.

Although Many people believe that gaining weight is a sure sign of  ill health or a medical condition, gaining a few pounds most times might not really mean serious health crises but in some cases, it could mean a minor or major sign of health abnormality and a minor or serious risk factor.

However, it is medically wise to keep your weight in constant check by imbibing in a healthy lifestyle and eating right, drinking an adequate amount of water, exercising regularly.

Now you have done all the proper things your weight management coach told you or rather you feel you have done all but some fat just keep creeping back to your flesh and now you are really feeling frustrated, I understand and can Imaging how frustrated you are right now.

I have written an article earlier on the best way you can shed some extra inches of belly fat naturally without having to go the pills way, you can find the article here.

But now let’s look at some of the reasons why you may be gaining weight at so a fast pace.

12 Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight Fast.

You are probably wondering why despite all the efforts you seem to be putting in yet the extra pounds seems determined to keep gumming to your flesh and you are becoming frustrated as everyone around began to notice how much weight you are adding on. Here are 12 reasons why you keep gaining weight despite your effort at getting rid of it.

1.You Are Probably Depressed.

It can be a bad experience been depressed and everyone at this moment would seek medical help and usually, anti-depressants are administered at this point. The problem here with most antidepressants medication is that they make you crave for more food more when they become effective which in turn affect your weight. Depressed persons usually lost appetite for food but the moment antidepressants began to work and they regain their appetite for, they tend to overeat and that in turn leads to weight gain. According to the Spoke person for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Alissa Rumsey, who is a Registered Dietitian, 25% of persons taking certain antidepressants report adding gaining 10 or more pounds. So you see, depressions might lead directly or indirectly to weight gain.

2.You’re Probably Staying Up Late.

You have done everything right from eating right to routine exercise and yet the stubborn pounds seems to find its way up your flesh, well you probably might be staying late at night and might be having less sleep.

Research has it that lack of quality sleep could increase your BMI and expand your waistline. This is simply because low sleep level could increase levels of hunger hormone ghrelin and decreases the level of leptin, according to Alissa Rumsey.

Less sleep also could lead to hunger and make your brain to respond more to junk food and deprive you of the ability to stick to the strict diet.

3.Your Job Is Giving You Lots Of Stress.

Working under a stressful condition for whatever reason is one of the dreaded situations no one would want to get in. Stress will not only exhaust your energy, it will make the hormone cortisol to be released and that would cause triglycerides to be relocated to visceral fat cells, leading to an increase in belly fat, according to Alissa Rumsey of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Rumsey went on to explain that an elevated cortisol levels might lead to an increased in glucose while at the same time suppressing the insuline and when such sitiation arises, it makes one to crave for more food due to hungry, the result which is overeating and that leads to weight gain.

4.You are Most probably on pills

Certain drugs are known to stimulate ones appetite, slow down metabolism and some medications cause drowsiness to reduce physical activity leading to weight gain.

For women, taking certain pregnancy prevention medications especially pills will no doubt make you to add more weight, I am taking my wife here as a case study. After the birth of our first daughter she was advised to take some contraceptive drugs and she opted for the pills and the result was an instant expansion in her waistline.

So if you are on medications and you noticed a sudden increased in your waistline just know the drugs might be responsible for it.

5.You Might Be Eating Wrongly.

Why Am I Gaining Weight Fast

You are ona routine exercise as instructed by your coach and you also think you are eating right but you just dont seems to be getting it right as the stuborn pounds keeps expanding making your look aout of shape, well you might have to look at your diet again.

Check how many calories you burn and how many you take in. For some reasons most people tends to have challenges balancing up on what they burn and what they take in. For Example, You need 1,861 Calories/day to lose 1 lb per week while to gain 2 Ib per week, you need need 3,361 Calories/day. Now if while trying to control your weight to a level you want and you consum 1,861 calories per day and lose 1 Ib in a week and then the next thing, for whatever reason you jack up your calories consumption to 3,361 per day, definately you are going to also jack up you Ib to 2, meaning you lose 1 Ib and add 2 Ib. It doesnt make sense at all.


6.You might have bacteria overgrowth.

Bacteria Overgrowth leads to bloating and Diarrhea, some times leading to poor digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Poor digestion could lead to weight gain, says Darin Hulslander , a Nutrions coach.

Diarrhea which is caused most times by bacteria overgrowth lead to irregular bowel movement which in turn leads to fatigue and lack of activities.

Sometimes after passing out much stools as a result of Diarrhea, people tends to over eat as the desire to eat more comes naturally the result of which is weight gain.


7.You might be Pregnant.

Why Am I Gaining Weight Fast


Hey, if you are a woman and you notice sudden surg in your weight, you might want to check with your gynecologist to see if you are pregnant. Pregnancy will no doubt make you to add on sudden weight especially in the first month of conception as many women tends to eat more more as food craving increase.

Another prominate thing might  add to the weight gain is an increase in breast size and Fluid retention that ultimately leads to an increase in progesterone levels.


8.Age might be telling you.


Why Am I Gaining Weight Fast

This is something natural and unavoidable. No matter how healthy you eat age would one day creep in and with it comes some health and lifestyle changes one of which is weight gain.

As you moved up in age, metabolism tends to slow down considerably and some extra pounds tends to keep adding up especially if you eat and continue eating the same food you have been eating and eating the same way as when you were younger. At this age, the body can not burn much calories as it used to at a younger age and the solution might be in much exercise and less caloris.

9.You might be passing through pains.

Pains that comes as a result of  certain Musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis tends to slow one rate of physical activities and exercise and that will in turn leads to weight gain, according to Lissa Rumsy.


10.You Might Be Lacking Enough Nutrients.

Your diet should consist of an appropriate amount of nutrients and where one of two expeciall Vitamin D,Iron or magnesium could affect your metabolism, sap your energy level and leads to a compromised immune system and that in turn leads to a weight gain.


11. You Might Not Be Having Enough water.

Research has it that drinking at least two glasses of water early morning and before a meal, help accelerates weight loss. Water does not only give us energy and lubricate our system, it also helps the body expel accumulated toxins in the body. Excess toxins you know makes us add more weight but with adequate water intake, these toxins are expelled and weight loss accelerated.

Not having enough will, therefore, have a negative effect on our system as toxins would build up and also lack of water would mean we eat more calories the result which is weight gain.


12.Your Thyroid Might be a Little Lazy.

Yes, your Thyroid plays a variety of roles in the body including in metabolism but if for some unknown reasons your thyroid underperform any of its many functions, it results in a situation called hypothyroidism and one of the many symptoms of hypothyroidism is a weight gain.

According to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, weight gain resulting from hypothyroidism often come slowly with many people not noticing any symptom until suddenly it becomes full blown and at which point it becomes difficult controlling.






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