Top 6 Weird Reasons Why You Are Losing Weight Fast!

Why am I losing weight so fast without trying?  As far as I know, I am eating well and I am not trying to lose weight but I have been noticing a sharp fall in my weight. Each day that comes I see myself losing more and more weight without ever trying to.

The above description fits your situation as everyone around you is beginning to voice out how much weight you have been shedding recently, some might even comment how effective the weight loss pills you are taking is. But unknown to many, your losing weight is not as a result of conscientious efforts from your part.

While many people are spending lots of resources just to get rid of the extra pounds hanging around their waistline, others are seriously lamenting how much weight they have shed within a defined period of time without trying to, a case of different strokes for different folks.

Generally, Doctors agree that shedding some few pounds once in a while might not really be something to be worried about as it could be a direct or indirect result of minor psychological or other changes within or outside the body.

Like I have mentioned earlier, other people would give anything to shed some extra fat off their bodies as evident in how huge the weight loss industry is but when one began to notice a sharp fall in one’s weight without trying, and without a change in your diet and activity, it becomes a cause to worry and you should consider seeing a Doctor especially if you lost about 5% of your weight without trying within 6-12 months period, so says  Ann Rentoumis Cappola,MD,SCM, an endocrinologist and professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Experts agree it is normal to shed some few pounds after some unfavorable factors like a change of jobs, bereavement, change of environment like moving into a new home because of the stress that comes from moving things and maybe change of weather.


6 Weird Reasons You Are Losing Weight Without Trying!

Although it is common and normal to add and shed some pounds from time to time, it is however not a normal thing when you begin to lose a significant amount of weight for no obvious reason within 6-12 months, says Ann Cappola.

The following might be the reasons why you are losing weight without your effort at losing weight.




Why Am I Losing Weight So Fast

One of the many symptoms of depression is an outright loss of appetite and of course, you know that when one person loses his or her appetite for food, the result would be a sharp fall in the general body weight. According to Ann Cappola, the person involved might not even know they are losing weight. Other symptoms of depression apart from a loss of appetite is Irritability, heavy drinking or even drugs and indecision, including sleeplessness.


2. Inflammatory Diseases Like Arthritis, Cancer.

Weight loss might come as a direct or indirect result of Inflammatory diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer or other forms of tumors. Usually, the Victim will loss total appetite because of the pains which will result in weight loss. In some cases, certain inflammations, especially from the gut, can cause low appetite and poor absorption of nutrients resulting in a sharp weight loss.



I am sure you know what Diabetes is, its regarded as a group of diseases that cause too much sugar to be accumulated in the bloodstream. it causes the sugar in the blood to be elevated as a result of poor metabolism of carbohydrates.

According to Cappola, the early stage of diabetes cause weight loss. It causes you to pee more often, makes you more thirsty and generally cause your body to suck off nutrients from your muscles leading you to lose a good deal of weight, says Cappola.

So, you suddenly found out you are shedding lots of pounds without ever trying to, you would want to talk to your Doctor to find out if diabetes is the reason why you are losing so much weight.


In the previous article where I listed out a number of reasons why you are gaining weight, I did mention how hypothyroidism can cause weight gain, now it seems the reverse is the case as it has been found that hyperthyroidism can lead to sharp weight loss.

Hyperthyroidism simply means an overactive thyroid and weight loss is one of a number of other symptoms of hyperthyroidism including poor quality sleep and feeling hot all the times.

So, you can check with the doctor to find out if you are having an overactive thyroid that is causing your weight to fall sharply.


5. Poor Nutrition.

Why Am I Losing Weight So Fast


Poor nutrition can lead to weight loss. For a number of reasons including age, older people may found themselves having poor eating habit as at an advanced age the stomach empty more slowly making you feel fuller always, making the portion of the brain that controls appetite and fullness to be attenuated and that will make you eat less, leading to weight loss and poor nutrition.

So, you suddenly discovered you are losing a considerable amount of weight without trying, you should speak to a doctor especially if you are eating less but having a fuller stomach longer.


6. Gastrointestinal disease.

Certain types of gastrointestinal disease like the celiac disease which is an autoimmune disorder tied to gluten and other Gastro Intestinal disorders like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Small intestine bacterial overgrowth(SIBO), IBS, can cause you to lose weight over an extended period.

Diarrhea, a common symptom of the Gastrointestinal disorder can result to excessive stooling and that can lead to weight loss.

Another problem within the gut that could lead to weight loss is when there are Problems with your pancreas, which produces enzymes that aid in digestion and that could lead a sharp fall in your weight.

Any long-term inflammation within the gut can result in a lost of appetite making you eat less, leading to a weight loss.


There are some other reasons one could lose weight like stress, eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, alcoholism, stress from work, heavy workload, redundancy, etc.

You Should know however that, our body weight is always on the swing, adding a little flesh here and there and shedding a little pounds here and there and that is completely ok and shouldn’t be considered a serious health threat.

Where one should begin to worry is when the unintentional weight loss persists for a longer period, say 6-12 months. At this point, you might want to check up the list and talk to a Doctor or an expert to see how to remedy the health situation because it can be a result of a serious health crisis brewing up.




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